Thursday, November 29, 2007

Attic Update - We Have A Floor!!!

I have been trying to get some pics of the new attic floor for some time and finally did it today.

The floor has been installed for over a month now, but will not get it's carpeting until the whole thing is finished.

About two weeks ago we allowed friends and family to finally come up and see the place for the first time. Our nieces and nephews thought that this was "the coolest" room in the house. Not bad coming from a bunch of rug-rats ranging from 4 to 13!!

My best friend's wife thinks we should turn this into our master bedroom - NO WAY!!!

While taking the pics it dawned on me that I've never really gotten a good pic of the stairwell, so here it is.

As you can see, there are still lots of tools and spare flooring lying about. At the top of the pic you can see a section that has no floor yet. It has been left this way so that we can have easy access to the main electrical wiring junctions for the attic. Once the wiring is installed it will be covered over with a hatch.

All along the two sides will be low bookshelves that will act not only as book storage, but also as seating.

This is perhaps my favorite spot up here. During my 'down' time I will sometimes come up here and read, work on my lap-top (like I'm doing now) or just visualize the space once completed.

Notice the chair? That should give you some idea of scale. The back of the chair is 3’ tall.

We found this chair in the house after we took possession and couldn’t believe it got missed during the auction.

For some reason no one likes this chair - but I do. Annette even wanted us to burn it or throw it out. I'm not about to do that!! The chair’s got character and is extremely comfortable. All it needs is new upholstery (I have an Egyptian army blanket over it now) and it will be as good as new.

Here is the spot I will use for gaming / modeling storage.

If you look close you'll see some of the floorboards are not screwed down yet. I've done this so it will be easier to work on the electrical and gas. Once that's done it will be screwed down.

The boards you see, in various piles, are the beginnings of the shelving and knee wall that will go around the edge.

More of the same spot.

See the big black cable? That will be snaking down to the basement within the next few weeks.

The flooring material to the left of the pic is more of the stuff I'm going to build the knee walls out of.

This is the big, bright, open area that we are not sure what we're going to do with.

The wife would like me to build a hanging chaise lounge (think hammock only stiffer). She likes the idea of lounging on it while reading.

Another view of the same.

To the right of the pic you can see the chimney stack - I have big plans for that thing!!

To the left you can see some of the roof framing. Actually it is around the other window like this one also (see the pic with the chair).

Since these need to be left intact, we are going to utilize them by making shelves in them.

I never can seem to get a good picture of this spot, but this is where the brunt of my books will be going.

Since there is no window in this area, I figure the books will be safe from sun light and any damage that could be caused if a window breaks out during a storm or some such.

Here's a somewhat better view.

It will look better once the bookcases are built and some lighting installed. Just wait till you see the tacky thing I'm sticking in the corner!!


Anonymous said...

Be careful. Attics were designed to help the whole house breathe. If you seal it up, be prepared to fight heat, cold and yes, mold.

Larry said...

Thanks for the tip. We are going to install some vents so that it isn't completely sealed up.