Saturday, November 10, 2007

What's Behind Those Doors?

The right hand door leads to the basement.

It use to be a very scary place, but we have turned the first part of it into a small TV room. As you can see, we still need to add some trim detail.

I'll try to post some pics of the TV room when I get the chance.

The left-hand door opens into the half bath. As you can see it isn't much bigger than a closet. Based on research of floor plans for this type of house, we know this room use to be a pantry. At some point in the early 70s the previous owners decided to turn it into a powder room.

It is handy to have around so we are going to keep it as a powder room.

Another view of the toilet.

Here is a view of the lavatory.

In order to make the room appear bigger we have purchased a small, corner mount lavatory to replace it.

And here is the new lavatory. It is a lot smaller than it looks. The bowl is just big enough to wash your hands in. We do know that it was made in either the teens or the early 20s and it came out of a church.

We are planing on replacing the handles, and possibly the spout, with more 'period' appropriate one.

All the pipes are intact and we even have the drain for it.

It really was a lucky find off eBay.

Here are the factory stamps. Unfortunately none of them are date stamps.

We were hoping to finish out this small room at the same time as the kitchen, but it will have to wait till later.

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