Saturday, November 10, 2007

General Views of the 'Work in Progress'

Here are two views of the built in cabinet. We're not sure when it was added, but it sits where the original wood cook stove stood.

Here is the large picture windows that look over the west lawn. We believe that this is the type of windows that were in the northwest corner where the other windows are now.

We noticed that the wood used in the smaller windows is different, and newer, than the larger windows. We also found parts of window trim for bigger windows in the out buildings. At some point these replaced the larger windows so that the cabinets could be put in.

This picture is interesting in that it shows one door about 90% striped and one 50% striped. Both were painted the same green as the window trim. BTW - we believe that the paint used on the walls and trim is surplus aircraft paint or auto paint. It is some of the worst paint I've ever had to strip.

In case you are wondering, the left hand door leads to the half bath and the other leads to the basement. I will post pics of these a little later.

This is 'Rudolf'. He is hanging on a wall that we're not 100% sure is original to the house. The wall encases the other side of the prep area.

Also, if you look up, to the right of Rudolf's nose, and through his antlers, you can see some of the damage on the wall and ceiling.

Here you can see the door that leads into the foyer. Above that is the chimney chase.

Here is a better view of the chimney chase. Originally the house had a pair of matching pot-bellied stoves; one in the dinning room and one in the living room.

This chase connects the chimney from both into the main chimney that the built in cabinet surrounds.

This is the back door that leads out onto the utility porch. To the right you can see the door way that leads into the dinning room.

The master plan is to one day expand the kitchen out onto the utility porch and then extend the porch out.

To the left of the door you can barely make out the end cap of one of the original cabinets there were in the kitchen.

If you look in the corner between the two doors you will see a square type column. This is the pluming chase that leads to the second floor. Originally the plumbing would have been left exposed so that visitors could see that the house had indoor plumbing.

Water damage caused by leaking water pipes in the upstairs bathroom. This is the main area of damage, but there is a lot all over the area above the back door.

More water damage from the upstairs bath. It caused some of the finish plaster to flake off.

These last two pictures give you an idea of what the floor looks like.

Ugly ain't it?!?!

This is Izzy, she is the local code inspector.


Katie said...

Hey Larry,

This is Katie over at 108 North. I came over to take a look at your cabinet. Ours was built into the upstairs kitchen we are guessing in the early 1900s. It looks like folks were more likely to build your own to fit the space rather than head off to ikea or pottery barn. We loved ours so much we moved it into my craft room. It would not have survived a trip down the stairs. Can't wait to see more of your house!

Larry said...

Hey Katie!

I was just at your site this morning! Do you have pics of it in the new location?

BTW - Love your house!