Thursday, November 29, 2007

Speaking of Views.....

Okay, following are a couple of pics I thought I had posted before. Since I hadn't, here they are now.

I have crashed through the ceiling (the one separating the attic from the 2nd floor) twice and have also had a 'near miss' (knocked a lot of ceiling plaster off though). The interesting point about this is that all three spots are within a 3 to 4 foot diameter of where the video of "Percy" was taken.

You can see (kind of) one of the holes and the 'near miss'.

The hole is rather large and I've covered it with cardboard so the insulation won't fall out.

I will be patching these within a month or so.

Here is the second hole.

It's kind of hard to see because it's inside the closet in the library.

As you can see, I took out the light fixture and my foot came to rest on top of the second floor fuse box.

What you do not see is the web of electrical cables the foot that came to rest on the box went through and my other foot got tangled in. For those interested, there are 600 volts going through those lines!

Oh well....just another day in paradise.

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