Monday, September 22, 2008

Something Different

Hello Everyone!

Well, this is going to be a post that’s a bit different.

A few days ago I received an interesting e-mail from a Marketing Associate from Turner Publishing Company. It seems that someone over there reads this blog!!! WOW!!! I guess I do have a few people following along out there.

Anyway, this person asked me to review one of their new books. It involves history and the military so it was a no-brainer - I said “Yes”.

I really appreciate the opportunity to do this…not many people ask for my opinion.

Seriously though, here is the review.

Historic Photos of West Point by Jon C. Malinowski and Eugene J. Palka.

This volume is a photographic essay of our Nation’s oldest military academy. It contains 216 pages packed full of B&W photos that span the years of 1850 - 1959. The photos are excellent; clean, sharp and captivating. They are also candid and cover various aspects of a Cadet’s life. Even though the photos are from the National Archives, and the Academy itself, they are more like the kind you would find in a family photo album.

The book is divided into four primary chapters that cover specific periods of the Point as well as a section of notes on the photographs. Aside from a brief introduction to each section the photos are accompanied by informative captions. Along with the Cadets, one will see an evolution of the Academy. Some of the buildings in the photos no longer stand and so these photographs help to document the Academy’s architectural heritage as well.

This book does an excellent job of providing a visual journey through the growing years of the Point. For anyone who enjoys Military History, especially that of West Point’s, this is a ’Must Have’ book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I have a selection of books that shuffle through a rotation for display on our coffee table; this book will become part of that select set of books.

I really enjoyed doing this review for Turner Publishing. Since most of you who read my blog enjoy history I encourage you to check out Turner Publishing Company’s web site. Military history might not be your ‘thing’ but they have many other books, with a historical theme, they are well worth the time to look into!

Be checking back, I've added a new feature call 'Book Reviews'. I plan to add reviews of various books, house related and otherwise, as they come across my path.

Till next time….