Monday, November 19, 2007

Not much happened....

Well, not a whole lot happened this weekend in the way of the house.

I started feeling a little like I was getting sick Thursday and Friday started with a bad soar throat and congested, stuffy, head. So I spent the Friday taking drugs and taking it easy so we could hit it hard Saturday and Sunday.

Well, Saturday came around and SWMBO and I just didn't want to work on the house - it was way to nice outside to stay indoors!!!!

So we went to a friends house who was having an open house at their furniture restoration shop/showroom. After this we walked next door to SWMBO's parent's house (the friend that does the furniture has lived next door to Annette's parents for over 30 years) to see the work that had been done on their basement. We then went home and decided we SHOULD work on the kitchen. Well, as soon as we got home I laid down and crashed. Guess I wasn't as well as I thought I was.

Anyway, after a couple hours napping we decided it was STILL too nice to work inside and ended up working in the yard and having a bon-fire.

We ended up having our best friends over, as well as the wife's kid brother and his wife. Along with all of these were there kids and my brother's youngest daughter.

So, Saturday wasn't a complete waste. We got to rest a bit, do some much-needed brush burning and enjoyed time with family and friends.

Sunday we decided to actually do some work on the kitchen, yet it was still so nice outside!

Well, guess what - nothing much happened in the way of work on the kitchen but the entire day was not lost!!!

As some of you know - I LOVE JUNK!!! SWMBO calls me a pack rat, I call my self a 'collector of the trans-mundane'.

Anyway, I offered to take the wife's car to have it washed and on the way I found a pair of chairs thrown out by the side of the road. I drove by several times and 'looked' at them, but that was about it. On the last 'drive by lurk' I saw an older couple out in the yard that was next to the curb the chairs were on. So I stopped.

I asked if they were getting rid of the chairs and they said "that's why they are out there', so I brought them home.

Here they are!

At first I thought they were going to be some of those cheep ones you can buy at big-box furniture stores, but these have turned out to be very nice, solid wood and heavy. These are not cheap chairs!

Now the cushions have been replaced at some point and really don't look good. I plan to restore these puppies and put better seats on them.

Once they’re done we might keep them or sale them.

What was so interesting about these were not the things list above but the fact that they were more of a 'sign'. I have been kicking around for ideas of starting a sideline business I can do out of the house. My wife, as well as the furniture restoration friend of ours, have pointed out numerous times that I have a 'knack' of finding quality furniture pieces. Bill, the furniture guy, has been trying to get me more into furniture restoration to compliment this 'knack' of mine (unfortunately - the furniture I find is usually the wrong style for us but the right style for others). Anyway, after visiting Bill, and his wife's, furniture restoration shop on Saturday Annette and I once again talked about getting into furniture restoration and selling.

Well, finding those chairs on the side of the road was as much of a sign as I need to give it a shot!! It doesn’t take a brick hitting me between the eyes to give me a clue. I will post pictures of these once they are underway and completed.

We did get one other project done inside the house we have wanted to do since we bought the place.

Remember this picture? You can see a mirror and a file cabinet under it (as well as all the junk around it).

Believe it or not, there IS a window behind those!! The file cabinet is actually hiding a an air conditioner window unit that was installed sometime in the late 60s or early 70s.

We decided to get rid of it.

It was not as easy as it sounds. The previous owners put that thing in to stay. It took aver three hours just to get it out.

Then it took the wife and I about two extra hours to clean the 35+ years worth of dirt, grime, cobwebs, dead bugs and spiders cleaned out of the windows. The dirt and dust was so bad you could not really even look out the window. The glass was like a permanent, double layer, of shear curtains!!!!

Can you believe this is the same window?!?!

We were amazed at just how much light come into this room now and how much bigger it looks!!

The light is so bright now it was hard to get the picture.

So, Sunday was not a complete waste!

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