Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kitchen Cabinets

Well, here are some pics of the cabinets 'during' the process. For some reason I did not think to get any 'before' pics, sorry.

As you can see, the prep area of the kitchen is very tiny, more like a galley kitchen. The way the kitchen was, and still is, laid out it isn't conducive to modern cabinets and appliances. So, the space is divided into two sections, the prep area and an eating area.

Here are the cabinets on the northwestern wall before the doors were added. You can also so the ugly paint on the walls and trim as well as the parts we have started to strip.

You can also see the stove that came with the house. It's not the best color, but we love the size!!

As for the windows themselves, I will go into more detail about them later.

Here is a view of the northeastern cabinets. In this pic you can really see just how small the prep area is, the fridge is right on the edge of the area.

Also, you can see the top of the wall cabinets. There is about three feet of space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling. The new cabinets will take advantage of this height.

Here is a shot with the freshly painted doors put back on.

The little half wall next to the sink is the dividing line between the two areas.

Another view of the freshly painted doors and drawers.

You can also see the space above the cabinets better.

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