Monday, November 12, 2007

House Plans - Kind of Anyway

Thought I'd post something a little different this time. Some of you out there have asked me if we have any floor plans of the house. Well, yes and no.

What follows are some plans I quickly threw together using the paint program on my PC. We do have an excellent CAD system, but when we had PC problems a few months back I had to remove it. So, at some point I'll get it reinstalled and build some 'accurate' floor plans for all of you.

These plans are basically accurate; at least in regard to proportions. The house it's self is about 32'x34' not counting the wraparound porch or the utility porch. So, that works out to about 1088 square feet per level. Based on that you should be able to get a good idea of room size.

I will start you off on this tour with the basement.

Okay - to the left is the basement. It is divided into four sections.

Starting from the bottom left quadrant, lets go clock wise.

The first quad is the room we turned into something I call "the Grotto"; otherwise known as our TV room.

On the left side of the room is the staircase I built that contains built-in cabinets and TV shelf. There is a door, half way up, which leads out side.

Also the hash mark on the left hand wall represents windows. There are three on that side of the basement. One of the windows is in the corner area of the stairs where they turn into the room.

The next quad up is the maintenance / storage room. The red square is the chimney and the large oval is the furnace.

The third quad is "the cave". Some say this is the scariest part of the house. You will notice what looks like a shelf the forms a backward 'C' all the way around the room. This is a dirt platform that goes around. It was formed when a floor space was dug out of the dirt. This part of the house use to be just a crawl-s[ace. The doorway leading into this section was literally broken through to get to it. Looks like something out of a bank robbery movie. Based on the area's location, and the raised dirt, we think this was used as a root cellar. We use it as deep storage. I tell my nieces and nephews that this is where we will be burying family members.

The last section is nothing more than a crawl space with only about 3 to 4 feet of clearance. We have no plans for this area.

Next up is the main, ground, floor.

At the top you see "Ut.P" which stands for "Utility Porch". We do have future plans for this, but right now it houses the washer, dryer, freezer and a few other things. I didn't bother with the window hash marks on this room because the three outer walls are all windows. So, it is actually more of a sun porch.

Next is the kitchen. The little room off of it is the powder room. Next to that is the door leading down to the basement. One thing I did forget to draw in are the large windows on the left hand side.

After this is the foyer, which leads into the living room / parlor (there is a columnar doorway between them). In the upper left hand corner of the room is a wood burning stove. We plan to replace it with a period appropriate fireplace. The wood burner is straight out of the 70s and is ugly.

From here you go through a set of French doors and enter the dinning room. The bay (on the right) is exactly like the one in the living room, with the exception that the right hand window is a door. The windows on the north side of the room (top of the drawing) are only about 3'x3' each so that a sideboard can be placed under it.

You can see some of the dinning room in one of the other posts showing all the junk in it from the other rooms being worked on.

Let's go up the stairs to the second floor now.

At the top of the stairway is the upstairs hall. I didn't really draw it in, but right next to the door leading into the master bedroom "MBr" is a little built in linen cabinet.

As you can see, there is a master bedroom "MBr"; bathroom "B"; guest bedroom "GBr"; small bedroom "SBr" (we use it as a hobby room right now); and a fourth bedroom we use as a combo library/ den "L/D".

The stairway leading up to the attic is accessed through the library.

You might also notice that the stairway leading to the first floor is fully illustrated. This was not an accident. The stairwell extends all the way up to the second story. So, from the bottom of the first landing (in the foyer) to the ceiling of the stairwell is almost 20 feet.

Last, but not least, is the attic.

This space is slowly becoming MY space, affectionatly known as "the War Room". This is going to be my hobby room for gaming, painting, fly tying, excercising, and general relaxation.

In the pic you can see the stairwell and the red chimney. The line that conects the windows together was drawn so that you could see how close a 6' tall person could get to the underside of the roof before needing to bend over.

So, there you have it, our 'Folly' in a nut shell. As time goes along I will post pics showing all the rooms. Since these drawings are rather rudementary let me know if you have any question or you need clarification.

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