Monday, November 19, 2007

Watch us strip!!

HEY!!! We ended up having a striping party Sunday night!!!

My best friend Lee was planning on coming over to pick up some old wood boards that came out of our attic so they could use them in their attic. We told him that if he came over to get the stuff he had to stay and work.

When we do this we are usually kidding, especially if it is going to be latter in the evening.

Well, when Lee showed up, and after the wood was loaded, he insisted on helping us sand!!! WOOWHOO!!!!!

Forgive the quality of the pics (we really need a new camera). I took these shots as an after thought using my phone camera. The pictures are also blurry due to all the dust in the air!!! That's why they are more hazy than usual.

Here is SWMBO (Annette) sanding one of THE worst parts of the kitchen. It has this distinction due to location and complexity of the window sashes.

SWMBO was NOT happy once she found out I was taking her pic; pointed out the fact that my sander was not being used.

This is my best friend Lee.

We gave him the job of sanding the built in cabinet.

As you can see, he really gets into the job at hand. Not only has he found a way to lay down on the job and work, but also he seemed to enjoy wallowing in the dust.

Do you see how white his arms are? He normally has a very healthy tan! That should let you know how bad the dust was.

Some would say this is Lee's best side.....

I really have no comment on this because it's my best side too!

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