Saturday, November 10, 2007

And the Damage Gets Worse

From here on out it gets ugly...real ugly.

What you see here is the plumbing chase cover removed and where the pipes go up into the second floor.

You can also see traces of some of the original wall coloring. It is an interesting shade of olive drab.

And of course, here you can see where they disappear into the basement.

Oh you see all the damage?

Look at what's hiding behind the sewer pipe! - original molding with it's original stain!!!

Look at the sewer pipe it's self. It appears to have been painted a golden color.

Both of these indicate that the pipes were originally left exposed.

A much better view of the corner rundle.

Since we will be recovering the plumbing pipes I have removed these original pieces of molding for future use.

Now the removal of the damage begins!

Turns out it was so bad some of the sub-floor has had to go. If you look real close you can see the holes in the sub-flooring.

The black colored wood is the floor; the light colored wood is the sub-floor.

More of the same....

Oh the horror...and I don't mean the damage this time!!

Yes, that is me, in all my disgusted glory.

Now you can see more of the golden paint on the pipe. Also, the door-molding next to it has been removed.

Those brown splotches where the molding had been is the brown termite trail remains.

Now you can really see the remains the termites left behind.

Take a close look at the door-molding base. Do you see those gaps? That should illustrate just how thin the outer casing was.

Doesn’t that just look yummy?!?!

Wait till you see what's behind it!

At this point most of the damage is gone. However, another few inches will have to be cut out before it is over.

Do you see that black spot right behind the water pipe closest to the wall? That's another hole in the sub-floor.

The thick piece of lumber under that is the floor joist. In other words, from that spot, all the way to the corner behind the sewer pipe, there is nothing holding up that part of the house.

This is going to be fun to fix....

I have had to cover the hole; the cats wanted to climb through it and jump onto the tops of the Christmas trees stored below.

You can also see just how much of the flooring had to be removed in order to get all the damage out.

Do you see all the mess on the utility porch? Isn't it grand?

More of the original floor and the black stuff covering it.

Happy happy joy joy!!!

WOOWHOO!!!! Look what I found!!

Do you see it? Do you see it?!?!?!

Yup, more termite damage. One would think that the floor damage would be the worse of the two, but you'd be wrong.

Turns out the window damage is worse because the biggest part of the damage is in the area where the window mechanics are located.

All of this will have to be cut out and restored or the window will not function properly.

With the floor it is a matter of just removing and replacing. With the window you have to deal with precise cuts, joints, and fits.

Last but not least, here is Izzy; once again she is checking to make sure I do everything right.

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