Sunday, November 13, 2011

Special Post

Have you ever had one of those days?

I received a very, very nice e-mail from a couple who live in the Sleepy Hollow area of Wichita (the big city).

I seem to have lost your e-mail!!!!

If you see this, please re-contact me!!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Earthquake Pics

Here are some pics of the ceiling in the smallest spare bedroom - the one that is currently my hobby room.

This is the room that will have to be gutted.

Earthquake Up-Date

Earthquake update.... We have had damage to the house.

We were so concerned about the foundation we never even thought to check the upstairs guest bedrooms and upstairs library. Those three rooms have had no work done on the original plaster walls or ceilings.

There were items that fell to the floor from shelves but the main problems are the ceilings.

The ceiling in the smallest guest room looks like it's about to fall in - there is cracking everywhere and it is sagging in spots. The two inner walls that form the stairwell have also detached from the ceiling by 1/2 an inch. This room is the worse and is on the south side of the house. The other two rooms are similar but the ceilings do not look like they are about to cave in.

So basically, we now have one room that needs to be completely gutted.



We had an earthquake hit here in Kansas!!!

The epicenter was about 60 miles away to the south, but - DANG!!!! - we felt it here!!!!!

There have been two quakes in two days; the second was worse than the first. In the State to the south east of us (Arkansas) earthquake activity has shot up about 1000% in the past year. Some of this is being blamed on Fracking - not sure what to think about that. I do know some experiments have been conducted, along the military lines, that involve creating earthquakes. Some people think this is whats causing it.

One thing that raises a few eyebrows, and lets people know how serious the various State agencies are taking the recent earthquake activity, is the earthquake disaster preparedness programs that are being done around here. They just had one a few months ago called the 'Great Shake-Out' (IIRC) that involved state level emergency preparedness groups, the Federal Government, the military, FEMA, and the Dept of Homeland Security. FEMA, along with the DHS, have been putting out feelers for MREs to feed 500K for 7 days as well as body disposal items (i.e. underwater body bags and bio containers for mass burial).

There is a major fault line that follows the Mississippi River basin (called the New Madrid Fault). It has been dormant for over 200 hundred years. The last last time it was active , other than small tremors, was in 1811/1812 and it caused the Mississippi River to run backwards. Within the past year the fault has become more active. They (the powers that watch these things) have determined that when (not if) it blows it will split our nation in half east to west. Turns out this fault line is bigger than they thought.

It has now been determined that when this happens a chasm will open up extending from the Gulf of Mexico up to the Great Lakes. Following this, and inland tsunami will follow this chasm due to the draining of the Great Lakes to the Gulf. The tsunami is predicted to be over 300 miles wide. Death estimates are in the 100s of thousands.

We have also learned, within the past few years, that a parallel fault (not as large) runs up from Texas, through Kansas, to Canada. It is now becoming more active.

Believe it or not, some think all this seismic activity is leading up to the end which, in their minds, will be Dec. 21, 2012. While I really don't believe this it's hard not to go "hmmmm....." with all the recent activity with these fault lines in less than a year.