Monday, November 3, 2008

When will it ever end?!?!?

Oh man...when will this ever end?!?!?!

I'm getting so tired of working on this kitchen!! It is taking forever!!

We are closer to choosing a stain for the woodwork, but a new wrench has been thrown into the gears thanks to the evil monkey in my closet.

While re-reading Gary's posts on This Old Crack House I came across a punch of post dealing with shellac, varnish, and polyurethane. It's a group of posts called "The Shellac Chronicles" that span the period of February 17, 2006 thru October 26, 2006.

Basically he uses aniline dye in shellac to achieve his wood coloring. So...we are going to look at doing that.

In the meantime I'll be doing some of the fiddly stuff; as well as stripping the doors of that built-in cabinet.

These are the top two cabinet doors.

It has taken way longer than expected to get these stripped and I haven't touched the other side yet.

Turns out these things have two different colors on them. There are two shades of green and four shades of cream/tan and taupe. There weren't that many shades/colors on the original woodwork. The worst part is that each paint stripper I have used will only remove one, maybe two, coats at a time.

So far the wood looks nice, but it is very, very soft. I will have to be super careful when I sand these.

Tomorrow I will attempt to finish stripping these and start on the others. In between sets of doors I hope to start priming the walls.

Wish me luck.

Till next time....



Gary said...

Hey Leg,

I usually go by the name Gary, but that's OK! Greg is over the Petch House.

Larry said...

Heya Gary -

I am soooooo sorry. Please see my new post.