Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kitchen Built-In

Hello - Everyone!

Saturday I pick-up some of the items needed to finally finish the woodwork. Hopefully, the next post you see will be an update about it!

Anyway, today I spent some time mulling over the built-in cabinet in the kitchen. For safty's sake I've altered my plans slightly. Let's just say that the original plan would require me to cut through the drop-ceiling and then through the original ceiling just so I could tie the thing into the second floor joists.


So, I spent the day playing with Google Sketchup, the on-line CAD system.

After a lot of trial and error I have been able to make a sketch of my vision. Hopefully the finished product will be better.

As you can see, it's basically the same as what's there now but there is now a cubby space under the upper cabinet.

From this angle you can see the side where our current pantry is.

As the schematic alludes to, you will not be able to see the door of the pantry, or upper storage, when closed.

Now, the big surprise is how the pantry area is going to be built. Be sure to stay tuned for that. SWMBO, on the other hand, bugged me untill I showed her a picture of what I'm planning on doing.

This is just a frontal shot.

You can clearly see the cubby here. I have a couple of details, not included in the schematic, that will be added.

Finally, this one will give you an idea of what it 'should' look like in relation to the powder room & basement doors. To help you picture the whole mess, the top of the cabinet, and yellowish wall, go right up to the ceiling.

Suggestions and thoughts, as always, are welcome.

Tell next time...



Jenni said...

I have been playing around with Google Sketch Up. I am so impressed with this program. Having used Acad for work for years, the 3 D programming in sketch up just runs over Acad and leaves it in the dust.

Your cabinet looks great.

Sandy said...

That is so cool!

p.s. If you get a minute tomorrow, hop on over to my spot... you've been tagged.