Sunday, November 23, 2008

Downright Dirty Shame

Hey everyone -

Just another quick post that is not related to OUR house but does involve another old house.

An on-line friend in Illinois and I were talking about Victorian cottages. I told here about one in our area that is on blocks ready to move. Unfortunately it has been sitting like this for almost two years.

I told her I would get some pictures of it for her; might as well share them with all of you as well.

Some of you might remember that we had chain of tornadic storms pass by last June. The one I got pictures of went right over this cottage. It's a miracle it wasn't blown off the blocks.

Cute little thing.

It's sitting about 20 feet from where it had been built.

Also, the porch posts and railings use to be attached.

Here's what's left of the posts and rails.

You have no idea how hard it was not to toss them in the back of the car!

I really like these little windows.

There are four of them on the front approach and 2 - IIRC - on the back.

I was hoping this picture would have turned out better.

This side poarch post is hanging by one strand of bailing wire.

Unfortunately the front door is open (no, I didn't go in).

From the looks of it the wind blew it open.

It's a real shame...the picture doesn't do it justice. This house was move-in ready when it was first put on blocks.

Everything is in excellent shape - well, at least everything I could see.

If you look real close you can see a crack to the right of the window. Right under this spot is one of the iron I-beams. I imagine that the crack has been caused by either settling (the house is noticeably drooping) or winds causing it to bounce.

Do you see that door?!?! It absolutely glows!! It still has a sheen on it and is in perfect condition.

I wanted to move the boards that were in the way, but like I said, I didn't go inside.

Doesn't this just tear at you?

It's a downright dirty shame that this beautiful woodwork will probably be allowed to sit there and rot or get destroyed.

HOWEVER...I have a plan.

I have no idea who owns the property, or the house, but the name and number of the moving company is on one of the I-beams. I'm going to contact them and see what I can find out. Who knows...maybe I could purchase salvage rights!

Well, till next time....

Larry ~


victorianlady057 said...

Larry what a find I would kill for the woodwork since I have none but it does give me ideas. Was the door a 2 or 4 panel? Kathy Victorianlady057)

Larry said...

Heya Kathy -

4 vertical panels.

Jennifer said...

Definitely call them! I'm sure they would be happy to get any money for it at this point.

n54th said...

Thanks so much for posting pics of this house. The roof, porch and window details are just amazing. Let us know what you learn!

Sandy said...

I hate to see something so beautiful just go to waste. Good luck on the salvage rights.