Thursday, November 20, 2008


I've been tagged...

Sandy, over at Curly‘s Corner, has tagged me with this interesting little exercise.

Here's how it works...

Share seven random or weird Book facts about yourself. Then tag seven other people.

Notify the seven others that they have been tagged.

So here are mine...

1. I have six library cards to six different libraries.

2. I collect children’s illustrated history books and cookbooks.

3. I can not take a road trip, or any other kind of trip, that will be more than an hour one-way without having at least two or three books with me.

4. I have ‘liberated’ some books that were slated for destruction because they were placed on a ‘banned’ list at a couple of colleges - I had accomplices for this.

5. I typically read one fiction book, one history book, and one book dealing with either woodworking /home restoration/Land Rover restoration at the same time.

6. Every room in my house has to have at least one book in it.

7. I love the smell of old, old books - I can not purchase and old book without smelling it first.

Here are my victims...

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Gary at This Old Crack House

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Till next time...



Sandy said...

I loved the fact that you had "accomplices" for #4... that's a good one!

Jenni said...

I giggled @ the accomplices comment too.

Larry said...

LOL Fellow students/friends who worked in those libraries helped get them through the security system.

We weren't able to get them all, but some.