Saturday, November 8, 2008

PC Update

Tap - tap - tap ....

Anyone there?


Okay - I took the advice of Jason & Heather, an extremely talented couple who have several GREAT blogs, and switched over to Firefox instead of IE 7.

In fact, when I first started having computer problems back in April several people suggested Firefox. So, I spent the day making the switch.

So far there have been no major hick-ups but something funny is going on with my blog!! I had to go in and reset some of my widgets, but for some reason my Project Tracker appears to be out of whack.

From where I sit, whether I'm logged on or not, my Project Tracker shows all my projects being 100% complete (oh how I wish)! Also, the color in the bars is a funky shade of sky blue.

I've had one reader tell me that that is not the case for her. Evidently it shows up the way it should on her PC.


If anyone else out there uses Firefox, and has Project Tracker, PLEASE contact me via e-mail at correus at

Jason & Heather, I know you two use this browser and widget - contact me - I have a few other questions for you as well.

Well...till next time...


1 comment:

Jason & Heather said...

There are 2 different percentage areas in the project tracker, you need to put your percent done in both of them. Sounds like you are just editing the second one. Same thing with the color.

I'll e-mail you shortly.