Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Let it be over - just let it be over

How many of you have been saying "let it be over - just let it be over" in regard to the election?

I know I'm sick of it all. There was a line a block long at 6:30 AM here!!! Here - in our tiny town!! And the booths didn't open till 7:00 AM!!

I have refrained - on purpose - from talking politics on this blog. I mean, who really wants to go to a house blog and read about politics?!

However, I just couldn't take it any longer...... I think the picture below illustrates my thoughts and feelings better than I can put into words.

I have this classic Stewie shirt. I wore it to the polls. If I would have given enough forethought I would have gotten an election button for both of them and placed them in the spots the picture shows. I would probably been kicked out but hey...I've been kicked out of better places.

Anywho....why can't we go back to the way it use to be? A much simpler time in politics. A time when you didn't have a teams of president/vice-president running.

Why not go back to the time when the person who got the most votes became president and the runner-up became vice president?

Better yet...maybe we SHOULD put the leading contenders in a ring and let them beat each other (no holds barred) till one is left standing. Imagine the fun we could have with that.

I'll leave you with this....

I voted. Did you?

Till next time....



Jennifer said...

I did! Love the shirt.

Anonymous said...

Yep...two weeks ago. Missed the lines, I did. What peace it was...I voted and it was done. TVoff and no ads. May God bless the person who invented the MUTE button.
May the best man win is all I have to say.

Sandy said...

I have had it up to here with all the ads.... I just LOVE the Mute button!!

Yep. I was #556!

Larry said...

Or the lesser of two evils!! LOL

I thought about voting early, but being a stickler on tradition, well...just had to do it today.

Larry said...

I was #90!!!

Jason & Heather said...

I'm like you, I dont post my political views on my blog because it's a HOUSE blog. Some of our fellow house bloggers have forgotten that, and now I find myself visiting their sites less and less.