Monday, November 3, 2008

What do you want?!?!? we were playing with the camera the other day when I happened to look up and saw this!

Our cat, Shalimar, was just lounging in the tree above the patio. Doesn't she look like she's saying "What do you want?!?!?"

I find it interesting how cats seem to be able to get comfortable in any position. We have no idea how long she was up there, but she stayed for probably an hour after the pic was taken.

I'll leave you with this last pic.

This is Sabu...he loves to just lounge on the back stoop and watch the world go by.

Well, till next time...



Gene said...

Beautiful kitties!

I'm sure folks over on Lolcats would come up with some creative captions for the photo of Shalimar :-)

Larry said...

I never thought of that!!

I wonder what they would come up with?

Thanks for the comps.

Anna said...

Your cats are beautiful!

And you're absolutely right, cats get comfortable in any position: Ours used to climb the Christmas tree and sleep on a branch, right between candles and Christmas tree balls ;-)

Larry said...

Thanks Anna.

We had a cat like that. He also liked to ride on the wife's shoulder while she decorated the tree - his way of helping.