Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fences Make the Best Neighbors

Okay - the fence has to go. It has been here for over 60 years and is falling apart.

Every time the wind blows over 20mph we loose parts of it. I just can't keep repairing something that is rotten and filled with termite damage.

So, after several years of researching our options we came up with the following. We believe that this pattern of picket fence will fit nicely with the house and is as unique as it is. The only problem is is that to purchase it, pre-made, you have two options #1) plastic at about $75 per 6' panel or #2) custom made at around $250 per 6' panel. These prices do not include posts.

Neither of these is for us. Instead, I spent the better part of a week tinkering with measurements, wood, and the computer and came up with what you see below.

Here is a schematic drawing of one of the fence panels. It is 7' long and 3.5' tall. The two long lines on the edges are the extreme ends of the posts.

I will be able to custom make this fence, out of treated wood, for about $35 per panel and that includes the cost of the 4"x4" posts!

The larger posts will be a bit more.

This view is of the front gate (the main gate). The total run you see here is about 38' in length and includes the left and right wings that will be the starting points of the eastern fence and southern fence.

You can also see the other two, larger, styles of posts. The ones framing the gate will be close to 6' (including the finial) tall and 1' wide. The corner posts will be about 4.5' tall and 8" wide.

This is how we envision the South West gate. The final plans for this are still being tweaked, but are almost done.

Hopefully, roses will grow over the archway.

This fence will go around most of the property. If my calculations are correct it will be about 700 lineal feet. We are also going to add a section to the east side of the drive way. We are getting tired of people thinking that that section of ground is a public thoroughfare.

Plans are to start on this project in April. We'll see how that goes.

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