Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kitchen Colors

As most of you know Annette (SWMBO) and I do not always see eye-to-eye on things, especially color schemes. It should come as no surprise that we have been going round and round about the kitchen colors (yes, we are getting that close).

While we are wanting to recreate the kitchen as close as possible to a kitchen of 1900, we are also wanting it to have an old French / Italian touch.

One thing Annette want's is a deep red color scheme in the kitchen - I don't. I'm not fond of red kitchens. I don't mind it as an accent color, but I just do not like large swaths of it. We think we have found a compromise though. Thanks to the Getty Villa, as well as Bill and Gay at Enon Hall, we may have found the colors. They are not traditional for a 1900 kitchen, but the are rich and give off a French / Italian air.

This first pic comes from Enon Hall.

The left side of the picture shows the original colors that were in one of the rooms there. Their son liked the colors so much he asked that the whole room be restored back to this scheme.

Here is another view of the same room after they repainted it.

It appears that they did a good job finding color matches!

This is a panoramic view of the same.

Bill was kind enough to supply me with the names and numbers of the colors they used. While checking out the web site for the paint manufacturer I found the following picture.

It's not the exact colors used by the folks at Enon Hall, but they're close!

We're still going to look at the colors Bill told us about, but it's interesting that the paint company even likes this type of scheme.

I just hope it looks as nice in our kitchen as it does at Enon Hall and on the web site!




Sandy said...

I love the Enon Hall Journal! Been following it for quite some time. I think the color choices you and SWMBO are contemplating will look great!

Larry said...

Thanks Sandy!

The gang over at Enon Hall has been a major inspiration for getting my butt in gear! We bought our house at basically the same time and they make us look like slackers!! LOL

Cynthia&Ricky said...

I was Googling kitchen colors and fell in love with your combination. Could you please send me the paint brand and colors you used?? THANKS!!!

Larry said...

Cynthia -

Are you wanting the Enon Hall colors or the ones in the third picture.

BTW - I need an e-mail address as well.