Thursday, February 14, 2008

What I gave my Valentine...

Normally, SWMBO and I do not celebrate Valentines Day. For as long as we can remember (going all the way back to the 3rd grade) we have fought like cats and dogs on this day. So, for us, the best way to celebrate it is to just ignore it.

Last year right, before Valentines Day, we had the chance to attend a private gala celebrating the opening of the 'Titanic' exhibition at a local museum. We were treated to recreation of the last dinner on the Titanic as 1st class passengers and then treated to a private showing of the artifacts.

It was a spectacular evening.

Yes - this is me with SWMBO.

Doesn't she look stunning?!

That dress she is wearing had to weigh 10 pounds. It is a full-length ball gown based on one from the turn of the 20th century. It is covered in thousands of tiny, tiny, hand stitched beads.

The pic does not do the dress, or her, justice.

Anyway, for 'grins-n-giggles' a friend took a picture of us in the 'classic' pose that everyone saw on the posters for the movie. This got me to thinking.......

So, for the very first time, in a very, very, long time, I did something special for last year’s Valentines Day.

With the help of a very talented friend in Texas (hey Laura! Thanks!!) I gave my wife the following picture as a Valentine.

I know, it's a bit 'cheesy', but what can I say, I'm a softy when it comes right to it AND an old romantic.

This year, I decided to do something else for the big day. I figure that last year went off so well (you know - without the dog & cat fight) I'd do something again this year.


The floor at the back door to the utility porch is in!!

I know, I know, it isn't completely in, but it's better than it has been in several years.

SWMBO has been wanting me to get this fixed for quite sometime so I figured, 'what the hey' it is Valentines Day so I ought to do something special.

**Note to all you house restoration people out there**

You know your really into restoring your house (or is it that your just that desperate) when something like flooring installation is considered a 'gift'.

As you can see, it isn't completely finished.

I have two more pieces to cut; the end-cap next to the threshold, and a small piece up by the water pipes.

I didn't get these last two pieces done due to lack of proper planning.

It was the first chance I had to use my new table saw - only problem was - I had yet to assemble it!

How hard could it be to put together a table saw...

Almost six hours later the saw is finished.... Don't ask why it took so long. Let’s just say Percy might have had a hand in it.

By the time it was finished I was tired, and the cold front started to blow in (dropped almost 20 degrees in an hour).

Oh will be finished tomorrow.

Oh yeah...before I forget. Do you see the paint can in the picture? That's our security system. Since the door trim isn't installed yet (tomorrow hopefully) we have to have some way to keep the door closed!

Here's one last parting shot. You can see where the missing piece goes as well as the original threshold.

Also, those light colored splotches on the wood flooring - there pieces of cardboard that someone glued down on to them. No worry though, it comes off very easily.

We definitely lucked out when we found a cache of original flooring in the attic!

BTW - how do you like the pics? The first of the two cameras we purchased arrived this AM (another reason I've done this post). The one that arrived is the one to replace the in-law's camera that got broken. Hopefully ours will be in tomorrow.

Well...I'll let you all go for now. Hope your Valentines Day was a good one!


Sandy said...

First, the Titanic picture is SO romantic. What a lovely thing to think of doing! Second, the floor pictures are great -- even if the floor isn't finished. :-)

Larry said...

Thanks Sandy!

I hope to have the rest of the pieces in by tonight.