Friday, December 28, 2007

Playing in the White Stuff

The animals, especially the two youngest ones, BooBoo (15 months) and Izzy (17 months), have definitely enjoyed the snow.

These two love the snow more than most kids and chase each other in it constantly.

Izzy looking for BooBoo.

BooBoo stalking Izzy.

What a look!

BooBoo is one strange cat. He loves to roll around on the ground, like most animals, but what sets him apart is that he will walk up to you, fall over and start rolling.

I tried to get a pic of him doing this but it didn't turn out. The best I could do was of him in one of the divots he created by rolling around in the snow.

Once again he is off looking for Izzy...

... and Izzy watching out for him.

Here's sabu. He's a little grumpy today for some reason...

...and he is not at all amused at Izzy and BooBoo's game.

For the most part, this is what the cats tend to do all day - NOTHING!

Here we have Brutus. He has decided that the built-in cabinet is his. Don't know what's going to happen once it's put back together.

As for our two female cats, I have yet to see them today.


Sandy said...

I love the pictures! What fun!!!

Larry said...

Thanks Sandy!