Monday, February 9, 2009

Woodwork/Bleach Up-Date

Hello Everyone!

Since the last post several things have happened.

First of, I have caught the 'crud' that's going around. SWMBO has been keeping me doped up for the past few days.

With the exception of a few hours Saturday afternoon I've been in bed for the most part. More about this later.

After a couple more treatments of the Calcium Hypochlorite we got all the stain out we could.

Today, I have spent several hours, gently, sanding the woodwork to get the rest out.

The powder room door jambs and lintel are finished; the basement one isn't.

If you look at the basement door you can still some dark splotches.

My arms are tired and the sniffles have come back, so I've called it quits for the day. The basement doorway will have to wait till tomorrow.

Here's a better view of the powder room door.

The inside parts of the casing and stops have not been sanded yet.

Okay, as mentioned we got out for a few hours Saturday afternoon and I paid for it later that day and Sunday.

Believe it or not I wore out the head on my Makita finish sander so I needed to get a replacement. Luckily there is a tool store in the big city that had one.

While at the tool store I went ahead and picked up some new items for the Multimaster.

I've added a sanding finger to the attachment collection as well as various grits of sandpaper to go with it.

Tomorrow I will try it out, as well as an 'alternate' use for a worn-out blade.

Well, till next time...


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