Sunday, February 15, 2009

Plumbing up-Date

Today has gone well in regard to the plumbing.

The pesky nut that held the p-trap tail pipe came off easily after soaking up the PB Blast all night.

The run to Lowe's wasn't bad either and I got what I needed.

However, upon further inspection of the water lines, we have decided to leave them alone for now. They are not leaking. The slow leak from the hot line will cease once the faucet is attached. We decided to wait because I'll be tearing it up again about this time next year. At that time I plane to replace ALL the piping in the bathroom. Instead of wasting the money (since the water lines are good) we will just do it then.

There it is - the new drain pipe!!

Finally...something went right!!

Here is a better view so you can see the coupling I used. Just the standard compression coupling.

HOWEVER - the whole thing is not going to be put back together and tested until possibly Tuesday.

"W H A T ?!?!?" I hear you ask. Simple reason, but not a simple solution.

Enough of the old tile from the 70's was messed up by doing this repair. On top of this the tile is popping up on it's own, so we've decided to replace it. This will take about two days time. I will need to pop up the old stuff; clean the hardwood floor; and then seal it with primer. That will take a day to do alone and then another day to replace it.

We're not putting down something really fancy either, just something till we re-do the bathroom in a year. Consider it a 'stop-gap' till the bathroom re-do. Ultimately we are going to install the small, hexagon shaped tile that was common in the Victorian & Edwardian periods.

Anyway, here is what were are putting in.

It isn't all that bad looking.

Before I forget, the other reason it will be at least Tuesday before it is finished is that you need to let the tile sit in the room it is going in for 48 hours. So, I can not even start laying it till this time Tuesday.

Besides, if something happens that makes it where we can't do the bathroom when we want to, the floor will look nice. It also goes with the way the bathroom has been painted and decorated. I'll get some pics of that and share with you later.

One last thing...

Let me leave you with this picture.

What you are looking at is the ceiling in the kitchen under the lavatory area.

You can easily see the big stain, but you might have to look to see the one on the left side of the pic. There is also a third stain that's not in this photo. It's about 2' from the stain on the left and has obviously followed a floor/ceiling joist.

I will let these dry for about a week before I treat them and re-prime.

Yet again it falls to the eternal struggle - it's either me, or the house!

Till next time...


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Sandy said...

So glad something finally went easy! Hurray!!

I love that hexagon tile. Makes me think of younger days... (*_*)