Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Septic Problem & Woodshop Up-Date

Life has not been revolving just around the woodwork in regard to the house.

As some of you know, we are still having problems with the septic system.

Whenever we do laundry, or take an extra long shower, we have some of the gray water bubble up to the surface right next to the septic tank. We do know the tank is over 50, or 60, years old. A new cement top was added at some time, but from what we can tell the tank is brick with no bottom.

So, we have started the wheels a turnin' with the City to get hooked up to the sewer main. We are one of the few houses in town that's still on a septic system. Yesterday, as well as today, the city maintenance manager came over to talk to me about the situation. By law the City must bring the sewer line to our house. The closest main line is about a block away. So the City will have to install a line from the main to our property line. They will also have to get permission to dig a trench across the schools western parking lot. It is estimated that it'll take 4 days to install the sewer line.

We are not sure how much it's going to cost us, or how long it will take, to put in our portion of the line. We do know it'll be somewhere between 150' to 200'. The hard part is all the trees, shrubs, buried electrical lines, water pipes and a well house. All of these obstacles will have to be dealt with to get our portion of the line to meet up with their portion of the line. What's real bad is that the closest point for the city to get the line to us is right at the edge of the huge cottonwood tree at the north west corner of the property!!

From what I was told today, the City would like to try and have this done before the month is over! We were thinking along the lines of doing it during Spring Break or after school lets out for the summer. We're surprised the school isn't thinking along this line as well. Why would they want a 4' deep trench cutting across their parking lot while school is in session?

I have also taken some time - since the house stinks of bleach, to work on the woodshop.

This is the new floor plan.

Most of what you see is in place. The Benchtop Planer, as well as the Compound Miter saw and Oscillating Spindle Sander are shown on top of their work benches but are in reality stored under them. Also, the red lines on the walls represent my peg boards. Oh, there is also a storage cabinet above the Jointer, but it's not on the plan.

The only part of the woodshop that is not set-up yet is the wood storage area. It will be located in the same place as depicted in the floor plan.

Well, till next time...


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