Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bleach Saga Continues!

Hello everyone!

As I write this the subtle scent of bleach is wafting the the house.

I spent a good portion of yesterday hunting down the next step in the bleaching process - Calcium Hypochlorite.

Most of you probably know this stuff by the many names it goes by when sold as pool shock. It is commonly sold at places like Lowe's and Wal-Mart. However, it wasn't that easy to track down. Those places only stat to carry it during the late spring and summer. The next place to check was a pool supply store. Eventually an open one was found and some of the chemical was procured. It was an interesting purchase. The dealer kept giving me this 'look' as if he knew I was up to something bad with this stuff. When I explained what I was doing he just continued with this 'look' along with a 'yeah right' thrown in.

Oh least I got the stuff.

Here's the woodwork after using the regular Clorox bleach on it. Figured you might as well see how far it has come in the bleaching process.

This is the section of woodwork I use as my 'Purity Control'.

Here's the nasty stuff.

The brand of Calcium Hypochlorite used is called nu-clo Hit Hard.

Per the instructions for pool use you use 1 pound (the whole little bag) per 6,000 gallons of water.

I probably used close to 1/4 cup for 1/3 gallon!! The on-line instructions for using this stuff on woodwork said to mix the crystals in water until they no longer dissolve. So I'm guessing about 1/4 cup.

From what I understand, this stuff is extremely dangerous to use.

Before I even cut the bag open precautions were taken. The front and back doors were open as well as the windows in the kitchen (thank goodness it was a little warmer than normal). Heavy duty rubber gloves were donned as well as a respirator. I had planned to use goggles as well, but they wouldn't fit with the mask.


Your's truly. Don't I look fabulous?!

This is the stuff mixed.

It was all bubbly and frothing, and even with the respirator the smell was bad.

Once the gunk was applied I left for fresher air.

When I ventured back in this is what I found. The bleach had dried and now it looks like salt deposits. It'll be washed off before I go to bed - that ought to be fun.

Doesn't this look bad?!

I wonder what it will look like tomorrow morning after it's been washed off and the wood has dried?

Well, till next time...


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