Monday, March 31, 2008

Update & Prepping Progress

The garage sale was a big success!! The only disappointment was not selling a large whirlpool tub we have. It's worth over $2,000 and brand new. We had some serious lookers, but no takers. Oh well, we will find a way to get rid of it.

Sabu is also back to normal. We had thought that the garage sale was going to become the "Sabu Benefit Sale" since we were expecting the bill to be around $750. Thankfully we have an awesome vet and they didn't charge near that amount.

On top of that SWMBO let the money we made in the garage sale buy a new toy!

Check this bad boy out!

It is a Fein Multimaster.

I didn't buy the new model for several reasons, but the main one was the price. This one also comes with some attachments that they no longer supply in the same kits together AND it has metal storage case!!

There is just no way to tell you what all this tool can do, so go to the site and check it out! Be sure to watch the videos.

If I had had this tool from day one things would have gone a lot easier around here.

Prepping for the plaster skim-coat is in full speed.

I've never been good at mudding & tapping so I'm hoping the method I've decided to go with for the skim coat is forgiving.

Here's the chimney chase.

I need to do a second coat of mud to fill in some low spots.

Just another pic where the ceiling meets the wall.

The section above the powder room and basement doors.

The dark areas that look like mold are spots I had to scrape loose paint from.

The two cracks above the stove.

And last but not least - the hole in the wall where the vent was!

Now this patch I'm happy with! I need to do a couple more coats of mud before it'll be ready for the skim-coat, but I think it's looking good so far.

So, hopefully, Wednesday I will start the skim-coat process!! WOOHOO!!!!

Till next time...

Larry ~


Sandy said...

Looks like wall art! LOL!

Larry said...

Now if only an image of Elvis, Mary or Jesus would show up...I could rake in the money from their fans!!

Jennifer said...

Woohoo! We spent our garage sale windfall on a patio set a few years ago... nice job on the walls, too!

Larry said...


Isn't it fun buying our new 'toys'?