Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Exhaust Fan is all gone!

Thought I'd give a quick up-date before the weekend.

Not much has happened in regard to the house this week. We are super busy getting ready for a large, annual, garage sale we have every year with some friends. We've also been back-n-forth with the vet's office due to a sick kitty (Sabu has a nasty UTI).

However, that exhaust fan cover is gone!!!!

Not the best pic, but you can see daylight. Now that it's covered, perhaps that will help with heat loss this coming winter.

It was 'fun' removing the cover on Monday. We had a wind storm that was bad enough it blew over trellises, trash cans, etc. and I was on a ladder!!!

Several times I thought I'd be blown off.

We are going to keep the exhaust cover though. I got to looking at it and it might make a great cat door down the road. We could be able to shut it and latch it from the inside and it would also be a little more secure than some we've looked at. Besides, "waste not want not" right? We try to recycle as much as we can.


The hole is now covered and I can start preping it for plastering!!

This is a temporary cover. When we start the preping process for painting this summer we will replace all of this with clapboard.

Well, I've got to jet - got a lot of junk to get packed for the garage sale!

Larry ~


Sandy said...

Hope you have a great yard sale! Hope kitty is on the mend. Give Sabu a scratch for me!!

Larry said...

Thanks Sandy!

Sabu got to come home about 2 hours ago.

I will go give him a good scratching for you!

Sandy said...

Sometimes I have trouble saying what I mean. I am glad I made you feel and brought a smile to your face. Heaven knows you've done MY heart good many, many times with laughter from some of your posts and comments!

Larry said...

Thanks Sandy - I aim to please!