Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stuff for the kitchen

As some of you who have been following this blog know, we have a theme in mind for the kitchen.

While we intend to take it back to the turn of the 20th century as much as possible we are still going to give it a twist. We are giving it a French/Italian bistro type theme.

So, with this in mind we have purchased of few items to add to the collection we already have. Along with those items we have purchased some of the new hardware for the kitchen.

This is one of the original sash handles for the large windows. I've added it here because it seems to fit.

Anyway, this one, along with its mate, was painted that other sickly color of green. In order to use it we will have to clean it up. Unfortunately that means the original finish will be destroyed. We really don't care for the original finish (IIRC it's called Bavarian Finish), but it's still a shame that it will be destroyed.

Why will it be destroyed you ask? Well, let me tell you.

The original finish is extremely fragile. At times you can remove it by just using soap and water! The stuff that will need to be used to remove the built up gunk will surely do away with it. Once clean, I'll have to figure out someway to spruce it up.

This is one of the little sash pulls we will put on the small windows. These never had sash handles before and so the windows were difficult to open at times.

Now here we have one of the new light switches.

Yes - they are the old style push-button ones. It is made to modern standards, but looks, and operates just like the originals in the house.

Eventually, these will replace all the toggle type switches.

This is one of the switch cover plates.

You have no idea how hard it is to find these and have them looking 'old' from the get-go. Hopefully they are as good as the pictures.

Okay, SWMBO has a 'thing' for cats - especially black ones. We both also have a 'thing' for vintage French items of the Belle Époque.

So, when we found this poster we knew we had to have it. It will be place on the wall you see when looking into the kitchen from the dining room.

This last one is a bit on the cutesy side, but hey, every room needs a little 'kitsch' to break up the everyday items.

And yes, it is a pair of kissing snails. Not only that, but they are salt & pepper shakers!

Why these you might be asking? Simple, they are goofy, they are French and we LOVE Escargot! Cooked with a little garlic and parsley butter and served with toast and a nice wine - YUM!

Well, as we move along, I will post more pics of what’s in store for the kitchen. Just wait till you see what we use for a pot rack.

Larry ~


Sandy said...

Love the new "old" light switch! Also love that poster... being a cat person and all... cute S&P shakers.

Larry said...

Thanks - I'll let SWMBO know, seeings how you two are kindred cat spirits!