Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just a Strippin'.....

Well, it has been a slow, yet busy, week.

So far all I've been doing is final little bits of stripping and sanding as well as filling large holes, and nail holes, with filler.

As I've said before, I removed the top part of the mopboards to make it easier to finish out.

Here you can one of them stripped, but not quite finished. You can still see some of the stripping residue on it.

Don't look too shabby does it?

You know, it dawned on me once I finished for the day that I hadn't shown a "before" pic. Well here's one for you.

This is actually a good one. It shows the original stain as well as the paint. If you look real hard you will even see the light beige paint that was under the green paint.

In case you’re wondering, this piece is part of the molding found behind the old plumbing chase.

Here is a better view that allows you to see the residue left behind.

And here it is finished!

Can't wait to see the finished project!

Well, like I said, didn't do much but strip and sand this week so there isn't much to report on. So, I will sign off for the time being.

Larry ~


Sandy said...

And the Boo Boo meter hasn't moved! Hurray! (nice work)

Larry said...

Shhh....don't jinx it!


Jennifer said...

It's nice to see the before and after pictures... it really shows how much work you did!

Thanks for the link, by the way. I kept meaning to reply to my comments, but I've been so busy!

Larry said...

Heya Jennifer!

Thanks for the comment.

BTW - you could look at it this way...if your busy your getting stuff done!