Friday, March 21, 2008

Nasty Nasty Exhaust Fan

Well, in preparation for plastering (yes - I'll start on this next week!) I forgot the old, nasty, NASTY, exhaust fan that is located above the sink. Okay - WHY above the sink? I know it is on an outer wall, but it looked so bad!

Anyway, it needed to come out so I could patch the hole before plastering. We had thought about leaving it to help vent heat during the summer. We then found that the motor was shot and we didn't want it bad enough to spend the money for a new one.

Sorry, but I forgot to get a 'before' picture of the beast.

As you all know - I HATE LADDERS!!!

Doesn't this look a bit scary and it's only about 12' up.

It doesn't help that this is the worst, ricketiest, extension ladder I have. All the good ones are at my dad's.

There's the gapping mouth of the beast now.

Do you see just how nasty this sucker is?! Once I was done I thought I would need a shower.

The grease and grime was like flypaper tape.

I have not removed the outside casing that covers the hole yet; I plan to do this on Monday and cover it with a piece of wood until we replace the clapboard this summer.

Unfortunately I forgot to snip the electrical wire leading to the beast before I but the sill cap on. So, I had to pop the cap and snip the wire first.

I guess I should be thankful that I remembered to turn the power off this time.

It was a real trick to get rid of this thing. It just would not come out!!

There were no nails or screws holding it in - IT JUST WOULD NOT COME OUT!

Being a guy, I did what guys do - I pounded the snot out of the sides and started snipping away at it with metal snips.

After pulling out the inner lining I had to snip the outer lining as well.

Once done, I folded it up and now it looks like an oculus shutter - ready to come out Monday.

This is what's left of the inner lining and the electrical connection.

Off to the junk bin it goes!

I'll leave you with this parting shot.

Consider it a 'Tool Box Still Life'. It's my primary toolbox, there are three more behind it on the wall cabinet.

Larry ~


Sandy said...

Alas, I see the Boo Boo meter has grown by 2...

Larry said...

Yup....I got another one Sunday, but really shouldn't add it. I wacked my finger with a shovel rescuing flowers from a building that is being destroyed. More on THAT later.