Sunday, August 30, 2009

A toilet, a toilet! My kingdom for a toilet!

Not much has gotten done other than stripping woodwork.

My allergies have hit and all I can seem to do is drag myself around. I'm very sensitive to allergy medicine and even though it might say 'non-drowsy' it makes me tired and lethargic.

I only took a couple of photos Friday. I'll get more when I start dealing with the wainscoting again.

Once in a while a board gets uncovered that looks really great. This turned out to be one of them.

Just a close up of the same.

Doesn't this one look rich? It should look awesome once finished.

The following day was another story...

Guess what we did for 6 hours Saturday?!

If you guessed looking at toilets you would be correct.

SWMBO started researching toilets last Wednesday night and Saturday was spent looking.

The big problem (?!) - the flushing capability. The 1.5 toilets just do not work as well as the old 3 gallon ones. Some are okay, but for the most part they suck. However, you might like to know that the ban on 3 gallon flush toilets might be overturned!

Until then, you are stuck with all sorts of weird flushing systems - Power Flush; Class 5 & Class 6 flush; High-Performance Gravity; Dual Flush; Assisted Flush; Ingenium Flush; etc. I'ts enough to drive one mad. When we had the good 'ol 3 gallon flush there was no need for all of these.

There is an entire industry surrounding the goal of providing the 'perfect' 1.5 gallon flush to replace the 3 gallon one. I use to work in the industry - if you don't believe me just go to YouTube and look at all the toilet flush demo vids.

Speaking of having been in the business...SWMBO just wouldn't take my work for anything!! We still had to spend 6 hours going form place to place looking at these porcelain icons of civilized society.

Guess what...we came home empty handed.

Well, I guess not completely empty handed, I did get all the pipe and fittings to install the thing! I told SWMBO that if she didn't make up her mind she'd get a coffee can and garden hose!

So, we are now going to try one of two things. Plan #1, we completely rehabilitate the the Kohler Wellworth 3 gallon flush I removed; or #2 we install the Kohler Memoirs toilet I have in storage for the master bath.

If I go with #1 there will be a lot of work to be done. The bowl is heavily stained. No matter how many times it gets cleaned, the stain comes back and seems to be worse. So, based on some research I think I might have found a way to clean it once and for all. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

That's all I need...another project!!!

Anyway, I'll leave you with this parting shot.

Some times I feel like this...

Well, till next time...

Larry ~


Jason and Heather said...

How about option #3?

Finding an antique toilet on E-bay or Craigslist?

We just installed the antique toilet we had found on Craigslist and it flushes better than any new toilet ever could.

It's an oak low-tank wall mount, I'll be posting some pics of it on the blog soon...

Larry said...

Actually I did consider that and suggested it to SWMBO. All she did was give me that 'look'.

Sandy said...

That's exactly why I hope nothing ever happens to the toilet we have now. I can't begin to tell you how many people I know that have replace their old toilet with one of the new models only to wail about the fact that they just don't do the job! Multiple flushings have become a career in their homes!