Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Duct Tape and Up-Dates

Is there anything Duct Tape can't do?

A few days ago SWMBO noticed the screen in the bathroom storm window had popped out. Turns out the cats would lay in the window they'd push on the screen. Eventually it just popped out. Since this is on the second story, and the patio is below it, SWMBO was worried that one of the cats might fall out while stretching during a nap.

Today I fixed it. The little, round, rubber gasket was still in place, but about 8" needed to be pushed back in. Once finished I noticed that about 1.5" of this gasket was missing on each side of the corner.

I was not able to find the spare roll of the gasket I keep on hand and then it hit me...

Duct Tape!!

I got a small length of the gray stuff and rolled it into a cigarette shape.

Using the handy little tool used to put the gasket in place allowed the Duct tape to go in easily.

I don't think it looks bad, do you?

On the house front, I think tomorrow will be my last day dealing with the drywall mud. All that's left to do is sand and then fill those little spots that seem to show up.

Here's a hint...use a flash light to to find the imperfections. It's easy to do!

Turn off any bright lighting in the work area - before you begin sanding. If you're using a hand-held light, just hold the bulb against the drywall and glide it along the walls. If you’re using the flashlight, just “skip” the light “across” the surface that you’re inspecting. You’ll be “amazed” at how well you can see the defects when you look – BEFORE YOU SAND. The defects will literally “jump-out” at you.

I've known about doing this for years, but I took the above quote from this site.

The corner where the lavatory will go.

One of the back corners.

And the closet.

Now remember, I told you that from now on no more large, panoramic, type pictures of the kitchen will be shown. However, as promised, some pictures will be up-loaded to give you an idea of how it's going.

Up for viewing is the first look at the stain on some of the woodwork.

It took quite an effort to get some halfway decent pictures. It never ceases to amaze me how much a digital camera can bleach things out and pic up what the naked eye can't seem to see. Bellow are the only pictures that turned out 'okay'.

Well, what do you think?

I think it looks rich. My mother, and SWMBO's mother, have given their seals of approval. I was really worried that SWMBO would think it was too dark. Turns out she likes it!!!

Close-up of the same spot.

The end cap that faces west.

We are also going to test the shellac on this spot.

And another close-up.

Yes, there is a little hole there at the base. The previous owner's had a telephone cable coming through it, but no phone hooked up.

At this point you can start seeing some of the flaws. Just keep this thought in the back of your mind while looking at this picture, and future ones.

Sitting too close to the stage at the ballet ruins the illusion.

Well, till next time...

Larry ~

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Sandy said...

Ah, duct tape. It cures everything including warts! LOL!

You do very nice work, Larry!