Friday, August 14, 2009

All Day in the Closet

I spent all day in the foyer closet - not fun in this heat and humidity. Did I ever tell you all that the house doesn't have central heat and air? We do have a window unit in the bedroom though.

This is by far the smallest place in the house that you can enter. Guess I should consider myself lucky not to be claustrophobic.

Like normal, before putting the drywall up I noticed a few prep details that had not been done. So, these little details took a few extra hours out of the day.

In order to attach the drywall, without removing the door jamb, an extra stud had to be installed on the inner right side.

BTW - due to the plaster keys sticking out of the lath, the stud (in fact all the new studs) had to be ripped in order to fit.

The base of the same stud.

On the left inner side I needed to add another one to compensate for a stud that did not come out flush with the old lath.

Go figure...I turn my back and the inner wall gets vandalized!

This was my fault - I should never have left the sharpi with a blond.

SWMBO thought it might soften me up to move the light switch in the powder room to another wall!!! That ain't going to happen. Once this house kills me her new man can do it.

This is going to be the best looking part of the drywall in the closet. Even the hole for the light fixture turned out great!

In case your wondering, the 'X' marks the spot where the coat rail might go.

Here is where it starts to get ugly.

The wall to the right is made up of scraps. Since it is an inner wall, and I was extremely low on drywall, I used the left over 3/8ths from the ceiling as well as some left over from another project.

The scratched/dented spots won't be a problem to fix.

I almost didn't show this picture - it's just too embarrassing. But I told myself that if this blog was to be done I would show the good, the bad, and the ugly. Here we have two of the three.

This piece of drywall started out as a single sheet, however, it wouldn't make the bend in the door way. There just wasn't enough inner space to get it in there and make the turn. So, the drywall had to be cut in half.

Looks like a I had a four martini lunch doesn't it?

I was just too tired, and frustrated, to go back out to the garage and get the drywall ruler. So I free handed it. Looks like something Frankenstein would love doesn't it?

On the bright side, it is just a closet and it IS fixable.

On the powder room front...

I used some plant stands to place the lavatory in the corner. Can you believe that it came up to the line?!

Sure looks tiny doesn't it?

Just another angle.

Once it gets installed it will actually be attached to the wall and sitting on a stand. You'll just have to wait and see what we have in mind.

In case your wondering...the marks on the lavatory are actually on masking tape. I'm getting ready to send some pictures of the lavatory to a plumbing specialist. The marks are showing the inch, and half inch, marks.

The original faucet is not repairable, so the hunt is on for a replacement. The bad thing is is that it's not the standard center-to-center space.

Hey!! Remember yesterday when I mentioned people leaving their marks? I found one!!

Not sure if this mark was meant to be here or was already on a piece of wood they decided to use.

Anyway, the mark says 'Days', I think. For some reason it rings a bell, guess I need to check the historical records.

Have you ever wondered what all the lath from two small rooms looks like?

To give you an idea, the burn pit is right at 8' x 10'.

This'll get torched if it doesn't rain this week-end (it's suppose to though).

And here's a parting shot for you.

Any of you know what it is?

I'll give you a hint...

It'll be used during the next step in the demolition process.

Well, till next time...

Larry ~


Shane and Casey said...

Some sort of pipe cutter?

Larry said...

Pretty good...

Know what kind?

Shane and Casey said...

My totally uneducated guess would be for something big (ie: cast iron) based on the size of the tool.

Larry said...


"Give the guy a cigar!!!"

It is for cutting Cast iron pipes.

I will start removing the old CI that went to the powder room either tonight or tomorrow.