Thursday, August 13, 2009

Getting Closer...

The powder room is getting closer to being done. All the drywall is up and waiting for mudding. Tomorrow the foyer closet will get finished.

This is the base of the wall that is shared with the basement stairwell.

There are two things of note in this picture.

The first thing is the pry bar. You should always leave yourself some leeway when it comes to drywall. I've learned to cut the sheets shorter; the space will be covered by baseboard and also allows for movement in the house.

The pry bar allows you to move the sheet of drywall up to the ceiling. Stepping on it moves it up and helps hold it in place.

The next item is the hole in the lower left. This is where the original lavatory drain was located.

The pieces of dry wall (the larger ones anyway) were not going to fit through the powder room door and then be able to go into place unless the laws of physics could be suspended. The door was just too short and narrow to allow them in. So, the larger pieces had to go in through the closet.

While moving the piece in the picture in place it hit a snag. Crap!!! The small amount of drain that was poking up through the floor wouldn't let me move it into place. The only thing that could be done was removing the pipe.

These 'little' things are what takes up so much time!! There was no other choice though. With the help of the sawzall the end piece of the pipe went bye-bye. Guess I should have taken a picture of it - perhaps tomorrow.

With the pipe now gone, the drywall went right into place. The hole for the light switch was a little off, but then again, I've never really gotten the outlet box holes right.

There's the finished corner that the lavatory will go on.

If you look hard you will see a line drawn on the wall to the right. This marks the top of the support for the lavatory.

BTW - did I mention that once that wall was up (the first one) I remembered that the support had not been installed?!

You guessed it - I had to completely remove the wall so it could be installed. Luckily the wall on the left had not been installed or it would of had to come out as well!!!

The main wall.

Note the gap on the right side of the plug outlet? Look right above and you can see a square. That's the original hole I cut for the light fixture. What was I thinking?!?! I told you I didn't do well on holes.

Once it's all done you will never notice it.

The common wall shared with the closet.

The north wall top, where it meets the common wall.

Some of the paper ripped away, but the main damage is right there in the very corner. See the hole? Again, it can be fixed and you will never notice it - I hope.

The toilet will be located right under this point.

The closet side of the common wall.

I always leave some sort of mark in places like this.

I often wonder about who built this house but have never found their mark. I'd like to think that at some point in the future someone might run across this and think of me.

We have thought of enclosing a time capsule in one of the walls or floors - just so future owners might know who we were. Perhaps a hard copy of this blog.

One last thing...

During the entire day I constantly went in and out of the back door heading to the garage or the wood shop. In several spots along the way the cats were lounging.

Lazy buggers....

This is Brutus.

This cat seems to get comfortable and go to sleep anywhere!

This one is Chloe.

She is sleeping in a bird feeder of all things! It was designed to hang from a tree and give the birds a covered place to eat. We bought it about three years ago and it has yet to leave this spot for any length of time. Right after we bought it the cats thought it made a nice bed.

So, it sits on a shelf, on the utility porch, in the sun.

This is Chloe again.

I mentioned in a previous post about how the cats like to lounge on the dirt path created by the sewer pipe trench. Here's a picture to prove it.

And again we have Brutus.

That's the bottom steps he's against, right in my way.

It's hard to believe some of the positions he gets into to sleep!!

Like I said - lazy buggers....

I often wonder if they are plotting our demise.

Well, that's enough for tonight. I hope to have the closet drywalled tomorrow and then get the mudding done this week-end.

Somewhere in the next few days I've got to figure out when to mow the lawn and work on Grover.

Till next time...

Larry ~

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