Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dry, Dry, Damned Mud!!

I thought watching paint dry was pretty bad...watching mud dry is worse.

In the last post it was indicated mudding would commence on Tuesday the 18th. It did. The problem is that we have been having rain storms and muggy heat at the same time. So, what would typically be a 24 hour dry time for the mud (and believe me, my first coat is not a thick one)took about 72 hours.

I wasn't even able to mow the lawn until Friday and that took all day!! And I just remembered...I haven't weed-whacked yet. OY!!!!

So, due to other things, such as yard work and some junk sorting (also known as house cleaning), the next coat of mud will be applied Monday.

This is the mud in the powder room on the second day in the morning.

You can still see where it is damp.

The other corner.

And finally the foyer closet.

At this point we are not to have any rain for a while. So, all the sanding and mudding should be done this week.

If you remember, I stated that I hat to mud and tape ceilings. I really hate it when it is a butt joint. Since there is one big butt joint down the center of the powder room ceiling (length wise) I might skim coat the thing like the kitchen walls. In fact, the whole powder room might get this treatment - it would help give the walls the same feel and texture as the kitchen walls.

Speaking of the kitchen...

I'm getting ready to write-up a new post dealing with the kitchen, but it will have a different bent to it. Be sure to watch for it!

Well, till next time...

Larry ~

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