Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wainscoating Up-Date I

Hello again everyone!

Before I get to the wainscoating let me tell you about the new toy I picked up during our trip. Bill and I made a few trips to the DIY stores in his new area to get supplies. I couldn't believe it, there are three of these and they are LARGE! Within a 1/4 mile area there is a Lowe's, Home Depot (unfortunately they are going belly-up) & the biggest Sutherland's I've ever seen!

Anyway, while at Lowe's I picked up the following new toy.

It's a Swanson 48" Adjustable Aluminum Drywall Square.

Who ever came up with this deserves a medal. I can't believe something like this hasn't come about before - perhaps it has and I just missed it.

Speaking of Lowe's....

We went to all of these spots and the customer service was outstanding! In the amount of time I was in the stores I was waited on more than all the visits to my local ones combined! Get this...they came to me and asked if I needed help! They had a smile, was polite and showed a genuine interest in what I needed and in helpig me.

I miss that place already...

Okay - on to the wainscoating.....

Speaking of wainscoating - how many of you are aware that the item is spelt two different ways? You have 'wainscoating' and 'wainscoting'. Along with the different spellings you have three - yes THREE - ways to pronounce them!! You can say it with the ending sounding like 'coat' or 'cot' or even 'scoot'. CRIKEY - can't anything be simple any more.


Here is the first batch cleaned and ready for stipping.

Right now I'm only going to do enough to cover that small half wall.

After the application of the stripper it's bubbling nicely.

Look at that!

Not to bad for a first stripping. I will finish it up tomorrow. I wanted to try and do it tonight, but have ran out of time.

Speaking of time. What do you all do to help pass the time while you do stuff like this? Usually I listen to the radio but since the election I've switched to mix CDs.

I bet none of you have as an eclectic taste in music as I do. Let's see...while waiting for the stripper to do it's thing I piddled in the kitchen and basement while jamming to Grace Slick's 'White Rabbit'; Joan Baez's rendition of 'Lilly Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts'; Aqua's 'Barbie Girl'; Eminem's 'Lose Yourself'; Presidents of the United States 'Lump', Talking Heads 'Burning Down the House' as well as a smattering of other strange music that even included opera.

So, what all do you listen to?

Okay, while sorting through the pieces of the wainscoat I found problems. They are not bad, but will have to be dealt with.

If you look at the edges of the two pieces in the picture you will notice that some of the tongue is missing. Unfortunately most of the pieces of parts of the tongue missing as well as the wall side of the groves.

Since you do not cram the edges up against each other I will have to figure out a way to fix this problem. Right now I have a few ideas, but nothing set in stone.

Then, while scrapping the paint off I noticed the corner where the half wall met the main wall.

The gap is almost wide enough for me to move the moulding in order to install the wainscoating. However - it isn't wide enough to do this so the corner trim piece will have to be trimmed.

This I do not want to do.

Then it hit me between the eyes.

The next picture will help to explain the stone that hit me.

Take a close look at the picture again, but this time with the addition of a red line drawn on it.

Do you see that small amount of trim sticking out past the line?

This bit of moulding is not even with the window. If I trim it back to make it even it will allow enough room to move the moulding without needing to trim the corner piece!!

This will be a job for the Multi-Master.

Guess I'll leave you with this picture.

Once again Shalimar made a bed out of the laptop.

I decided to take a break and went to check my e-mail and found her this way. Unfortunately, right when I snapped the pic she woke up.

Well, till next time...

Larry ~

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