Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Crown Moulding

Okay, I'm jumping the gun a bit on this one - so sue me.

I wanted to share this info with all of you and decided to do it now.

SWMBO and I do not always agree on things such as colors, textures, design, etc. (why do you think it's taking so long to do all this work?!). Crown moulding is one of those items we have not been able to agree on - till now.

We knew we wanted crown moulding in the kitchen, but couldn't decide on what type and style. Then, while helping our friends pack we were given a magazine with a picture of some custom kitchen cabinets in it. What jumped out at us was the crown moulding!

We both knew "This is the one"!!

It is the brain child of the people over at Crown Point Cabinetry. It is a simple design so it should be easy to duplicate. As they say "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".

This picture is a scan from the magazine add.

At first we thought it was a bathroom, but it is a custom Victorian design.

The scan isn't the best, so I would suggest you go here to see it in more detail.

Here is a close up of the same type of crown moulding.

It is actually called 'Bracketed Crown Moulding' and is a mainstay of the company's Arts & Crafts Designer Series.

The big difference between this and the Victorian is that the piece of molding the brackets are under in the A&C version is flat and the Victorian on is half round.

Also, we plan to use something similar to the toekick plate that they use in several of their Victorian kitchens. In fact, we are 'borrowing' several design elements from them.

Well, till next time...

Larry ~


Todd said...

Crown Point is one of the best cabinet lines on the market and those folks understand detail! I'm also partial to them because they are located in the next town over and my younger brother used to work for them. Glad you found a detail you liked.

Kristy said...

I am LOVING the crown molding, thanks for sharing...I might just have to "flatter" you and use a variation of it too :-)

Eventually(years down the road), I'll be ready for a demo and redesign of my kitchen and this inspiration might just fit the bill.

crown moulding said...

yeha it is one of the best cabinet lines for sure.

Tiffany said...

I love the bracketed crown moulding! so cool... I love the look of crown mouldings made from other stock pieces - so much more interesting that the standard ones you can find.

Jenni said...

That is great Crown.
We've not made a decision about crown because I don't want the standard ol stuff the husband brought home samples of.

I hated the stuff.

Your example is great. I do not think our house ever had crown, only picture mold.

Thanks for posting this.