Friday, December 5, 2008

Treasures From a Friend

Hello Everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts of late, however, I've been very busy.

A couple of very close family friends are moving and we've been busy all week helping them out. There is still more that needs to be done!

It's also, a little embarrassing at the assorted treasures that have been given to us because of the move.

This couple is old enough to be our parents with children not much younger than us. Bill (yes - the one who was getting me into woodworking as a sideline business) we have both known since the mid 70s. In fact, Annette grew up next door to him. Her parents moved into their house in '74 and Bill and his family moved in six weeks later. In 2003 Bill married Karen. Karen and Annette are VERY much alike. They are so much alike it gives me an idea of what she will be like at that age. Unfortunately - none of their kids are interested in antiques or family heirlooms. So, Annette and I got those type of items the kids could care less about.

Anyway, I thought I would share this embarrassment of riches with you all.

This is a dresser, with mirror (it;s behind it), that Bill restored.

It was going to be converted into a bathroom vanity, but we will use it for it's intended use.

Sorry it's so dirty, but this is a brass, and gold gilt, glass lamp that was owned by Bill's grandmother.

He thought it was from the 20s but isn't sure.

There are six panels. One is cracked and one is missing. It'll be interesting getting the glass matched. Also, the filigree band that is under the glass panels (?), it has red glass behind it!! So it should have a nice jeweled tone when cleaned up. I plan on playing with this thing next week.

If any of you have info as to possible age, or style, of this lamp - PLEASE let me know.

This is a really cool folding tale they got at an auction. No one seems to know how old it is or it's provenance.

It looks like an old painting that has been shellacked into the table top.

The picture doesn't do the folding mechanism justice, but it's pretty cool.

Okay, now you KNOW your into restoring old houses when you think a piece of wood. is far better than the other goodies!!

But LOOK at you know what that is?!

This is real, 100+ year old bead-board wainscoting (or waisncoating)!!!

We have wanted to have this stuff in the kitchen for the back splash of the counters as well as the built-in and for that little half wall. We have been looking at the new stuff. It is either too bulky or WAY too expensive.

Just look at those lines!

The board is made of ceder and is 3.5" wide, 35.5' tall and a bit more than 1/4" thick.

It is also tongue-n-groove.

The best part....I have over 60 of the bad boys!!!

Again...just look at those lines...

You can't beat the real deal and this will look great in the kitchen.

If I work carefully I 'might' have enough to make some of the door inserts for the new cabinets.

I will leave you with this final picture.

It is perhaps the strangest thing they have us.

Do you know what it is?

Give up??

It's genuine, cast iron, Victorian roof cresting!!

They are roughly 13" long and 5.25" tall. There are 41 in the bunch (a 42nd one got packed by mistake). There are also three additional ones that are the same size, but each end as a "C" shape on each end (one is backwards) and looks like it is made to fir on a pipe. Not sure why these were made like that.

Since I think they would look funny on our house I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them.

Any ideas?

Well, till next time...



Sandy said...

Totally AWESOME! I am absolutely green with envy!

Larry said...

We are truly blessed with such great friends.

Jessie said...

When we redid our downstairs bathroom, after pulling off wood paneling (the cheap stuff from the 70's), tile, and linoleum, we found wood wainscoating on the walls. Unfortunatly, it was all moldy and rotted and we had to chuck it.
Congrats on your finds, what a jackpot!

Larry said...

Oh man...Jessie...that sucks!