Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Missouri Gothic

Hello again everyone!

Well as you all know from the previous post we have been busy helping out friends, Bill and Karen, pack up their house to move. Now for the rest of the story...

I was told early on to NEVER post on a blog when you are going to be out of town so I didn't.

As you might have guessed we made a whirlwind, and completely unexpected, trip to Missouri last week-end. Bill and Karen really wanted us to come see their new place and we couldn't say no. Besides, the last road trip we took was over two years ago.

So we packed up and headed east to lend them a hand.

And here is the happy couple in front of their new home.

We tried to get the 'American Gothic' thing going - can you tell?

The bought a house I would seriously consider leaving the Folly for. It is a Colonial style, but no set style such as Cape Cod or Salt Box. It has the traditional dormers and such and reminds me of 'Leave it to Beaver'.

You should see this place - the living has the beams going across the top of the ceiling and the big fireplace.

It looks like it would be right at home in Colonial Williamsburg.

The bad part is that a similar home is about to become available next door to them!! Oh...did I mention that each lot is between 3/4 & 1.5 acres? There is a stream and everything.

Man...I really - really love Colonial houses. I even thought about recreating the inside of the Folly in a Colonial way that's how much I like it.

Anyway, it was good to get away and visit a part of Missouri I got to visit every year as a kid and absolutely love. They have asked us to come back as much as possible and are even building guest quarters for extended stays. Guess we will be visiting a few times. I hear the trout are astounding there and they are only a few minutes away from a premier trout stream.

Did I also mention the antique stores? Their part of Missouri is become famous for the antiques I hear.

Here is a parting shot of the happy couple and their 'baby' Sasha.

We will miss them around here!

Well, till next time...

Larry ~


Kristy said...

So, where exactly in Missouri were you traveling? My place is in St. Louis county and I know of a few places that are great for antiquing; but I'd always love to find more.

Larry said...

We were in the Joplin area. They were looking for a house in the Jopli/Branson/Springfield triangle.

We did live in the St.Louis area at one time - Union to be exact. Lots of neat antique stores around there.