Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Toys Toys Toys

As most of you know SWMBO and I have been busy the past couple of months doing all sorts of stuff.

Some of what we’ve been doing is hitting various auctions and going to eastern Kansas to visit SWMBO’s family.

As part of these expeditions we have been able to pick up some new toys. I thought you’d find some of them of interest.

First up are some more power tools for the woodshop.

Finally got a little, 5-speed, ½” chuck, bench top drill press.

I’ve never heard of the ‘Collins Quality Tool’ brand, but this is a sweet little bugger - works great.

All that really needs done is cleaning and some surface rust removal in some areas. For the price I got it for it can’t be beat and I can’t go wrong.

At the same auction I managed to get this Craftsman 12” Band Saw - Sander.

Like the drill press this only needs to be cleaned up and have some surface rust taken care of (mainly on the legs). Like the drill press, the price was too good to let it go.

They guy who previously owned these tools was a woodworker as well. From what I can tell he had to hang-up his apron over 10 years ago due to illness. Since his illness the tools have just been sitting in his woodshop gathering dust. The family decided to have the auction because the guy is now needing to go into a care facility.

Makes me wonder what will happen to all my junk when I’m no longer around.

The only bad thing about this band saw are the spiders that came with it. I knew there were some webs/nests under it, and I thought I got them. Guess I didn’t. When I went into the woodshop yesterday there were dozens of spider webs going all over from the saw. We sprayed for spiders, and other bugs, about a month ago in the shop. I might have to do some more spraying.

While back in south eastern Kansas I managed to pick up a couple new vintage hand tools.

The hand drill came from the wife’s second cousin (he has an absolutely spectacular woodshop utilizing primarily vintage antique hand tools) , the Bailey #3 came from a junk shop.

The Brace isn’t exactly an old one, maybe 40 years, but it came form the wife’s second cousin as well.

The awesome, razor sharp, spoke shave was an auction find my friend Bill got for me.

The next two items I picked up just the other day and intend to hang them in the shop.

This is a two man tree saw.

What's really neat about it is that it's about 1" taller than me!

Once cleaned up it should look nice hanging from the rafters.

Here is a HUGE, one man, Keen Kutter saw. The extra handle can be moved to the other end of the blade.

This one is 4-½’. I think what one gent at the auction said about it sums it up best - “I’d hate to cross the guy big enough to use it”.

Llike the other one it will hang from the rafters of the shop too.

This is a better view of the two handles and the Keen Kutter button.

Now these last few pics are of THE prize from the auction the saw came from.

We have wanted a matched set of metal twin beds for one of beds rooms. When we found these we knew we had to have them.

They do have a ‘Simmons’ label on them, but we can not find a date. They are metal, and the foot boards has a brass piece. They also came with both sets of rails.

What we liked the best about them is that they look like something that would have been on the Titanic.

One of the head boards...

One of the foot boards...

Head board finial detail.

Foot board brass 'do-hickey' detail.

The other one has a small dent, about the size of a dime on it.

Once cleaned up they should look great. I’m going to have to do some digging and see what color they should be. I think they were originally black as there is no sign of any other color.

All-n-all, not bad for $10 each!

Well, till next time....



Sandy said...

Cool tools! Love the vintage ones especially. Great score on the bed frames.

Jennifer said...

Very nice! Those hand drills are so nice for making very small holes in delicate materials... you will find them indispensable! I love the bedframes, too!

Todd said...

I can't believe I haven't found your site sooner. Thanks for Fred and Ethan over at OPC now I have. Stop by sometime and check out my site. Maybe we can swap links sometime.

Sandy said...

Hi, Larry & SWMBO! I have something for you over at my spot. Please come and see!