Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer 2008 - Supporting Habitat for Humanity

Hello Everyone!

Sorry - yet again - for the hiatus. The wife and I have been super busy the past few weeks. Her office is undergoing a major PC hardware change and up-date and I have been asked to help train some individuals dealing with Emergency Response.

The good news is the things should be getting back to normal next Monday and regular house up-dates will be forthcoming.

However - this post is intended to help support a worthy cause. It is long over due and my opologies to Ethan for the tardy delay.

Anyway... the team over at One Project Closer are help out a worthy cause - Habitat for Humanity.

What they are doing is encouraging house bloggers (like yours truly) to post 'Before-&-After' pics of various projects. Once a week they will chose one and feature it on their site. They will then donate $25 in honor of the one whose project was chosen.

So... I highly recommend that all of you surf on over to One Project Closer and check it out!

Till next time....

Larry ~


Ethan said...

Hey Larry. I had a hunch you had a lot going on but your support is greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Larry said...

My pleasure! Keep up the great work!!