Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Electrical Cable and Kitchen Up-Date

It seems like forever since I last posted. May and June are extremely busy for us aside from the house. What I have been able to do is just a little but here and there mainly on the wood shop.

We have also been working on some side-line ventures as well and that is taking up a lot of time too.

The kitchen is coming along - just painfully slow. The walls are finally complete with just a few spots left to tidy up. There are a couple of locations that are not finished with plaster yet - the area where new wiring is going in and the spot next to the cabinet that is being re-done.

I did spend the better part of the day trying to get a large power cable to snake through the wall from the attic to the basement. Here’s the post where you can see the cable (4th pic from top):


Right now I am on a break from trying to snake the thing down. It is kind of stuck and I trying to come up with a way to un-stick it without removing a part of the bathroom wall.

This is the hole I had to make in the lath-and-plaster for the cable.

Since the cable is going to follow the chase I made the hole next to the cast-iron stand pipe.

The space I have to work with is extremely tight and I about got stuck in it when my pants snagged a nail head!

The brown piece of wood with the white stuff wrapped around the center is the plumb-bob I’m using to link the attic to the basement and then pull the cable through.

I got this shot by sticking the camera in the hole and clicking. Had no idea how it would turn out since I couldn’t stick my head in to look through the view finder and the angle didn’t allow the use of the LCD screen. It didn’t turn out too bad.

The plum-bob string is that white streak at the bottom right hand corner.

Gota’ love the old wall paper! You can’t see it, put the original paper that was on the ceiling (I found it while making the hole) is a purplish/Christmas type paper.

This is the space in the bathroom that the cable is going through.

You can see traces of the original mop-board in there and there is a corner do-dad as well (I saw it using a mirror).

The cable is stuck somewhere in this area. I don’t want to, but I might have to take out that board you can see at the back of the pic. Eventually this entire area will be exposed for repair, but I can’t do it yet - not ready.

The opening to get to this crawl space is right next to the toilet. It might be - and I do mean MIGHT BE - 1’ between the opening and the toilet’s side (maybe I should get a pic). I can barely squeeze into the space, but not enough to work easily. I have to bend into a funky ‘L’ shape and the belly doesn’t want to cooperate.

I’ll see if I can fish the cable through before I try to cut the board out. The plum-bob sting is to the right center. BTW - I will have to snake the cable around the pipes. The opening to the kitchen part of the chase is about a 45 degree angle to the right bottom (follow the string).

You've seen this shot before. The top part of the plumbing chase in the kitchen.

This time you can see the string.

And there he is - Mr. Plum-bob!!! BTW - This is my grand father's blump-bob and I think it was his father's before that. Since there is a chance that they built this house, this plum-bob may have been used here before!

Well, that's the story for now. Guess I better get my lazy butt up and get back to work.

Till next time...

Larry ~

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Glad to see you made it through the twisters!