Friday, December 28, 2007

Winter Wonderland

Hello from snow covered & freezing Kansas everyone!!

I hope your all staying warm.

A couple of friends asked me if I would snap some pics of the house covered in snow; so, since we had a snowfall last night, today was a perfect day!

This has been our third snowfall in a month! Last night we were told to expect 7"s but we lucked out and only got about 2 or 3. Normally we don't have this much snow this soon. Most of the time we get dumped on in late January through early March. Now we are wondering what this Winter has in store for us. To top it all off, we do not have access to our wood burning stove! If you remember, the living room and dining room are crammed full of the stuff from the kitchen as well as stuff for a garage sale. I am going to take a few days and clean out the living room so we can use it if we have to.

Well...on to the pics.

Here are my two 'restoration' projects side-by-side. Don't they look good together?

In this shot, pay particular attention to our roof. Notice how nice and even the snow is? We have been told that this indicates low heat loss. Each time I see this site I'm thankful for all the insulation we installed in the attic!

West yard looking north.

Southwest looking northeast.

Same view.

West side again.

The little red bard.

This is where my woodshop is going to go. More on that later.

Northeast yard looking northwest.

Back of the house.

Close up of the utility porch. We have plans for this also. For those interested, we believe that this porch replaced the original back in the 50s.

The previous owners used this porch as a quasi-greenhouse.

One last thing. See the lamppost on the lower left side of the pic? That is a gaslight. There are three of these in the yard not counting the main one up front. At some point, two of them were converted to electricity.

View looking northwest.

The little red ban and our fire-pit.

This Spring we will start the process of restoring this little barn. Insulation, windows and power are going to be added as well a wood burning stove.

Another western view of the back yard.

The view looking southwest.

If you look closely you can see one of the gaslights that were converted to electricity and to the right of that is the well-house

Before I forget. See the tree just to the left of the well house? Almost in the middle of the picture? That is our honey tree. We found out last Spring that we now have a hive of wild honeybees living in this tree.

In the Spring we are wanting to plant some 'bee friendly' plants and try to get them to stay.

Okay, I just HAD to throw in this last picture of the house.

We really love the new window in the attic and still can't get over how much light it lets in.

It sure beats the piece of paneling that covered the opening all those years!

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