Thursday, August 5, 2010

Still Scraping Along

Finally!!!! Today we dropped below the three digit mark!!!

SWMBO even took the day off and we got about six hours of scraping in.

Believe it or not your not having a bad trip, this is me and yes that is a tie-dye shirt!

I'm using the Paint Shaver Pro. This handy tool sure saves us time. Unfortunately the moulding makes up for the saved time due to hand scraping.

Do you see the section between the 2nd & 3rd columns to the right? This is all we got done today, along with about two feet to the right of column two.

At this rate it will take another week to get the rest of the porch soffit done.

Take a close look at the picture and you'll see a red arrow pointing to a red circle. Inside that circle is a hole that goes all the way through the soffit and it's been somewhat of a mystery.

Here's a better view of the 'mystery hole'.

Like I said, we're not sure what it is exactly but we're about 90% sure it's an opening for the original gas line that went into the house. On the other side of the soffit you can see a paint scar, along the porch ceiling, that goes from this hole to one in the ceiling where it meets the east wall.

If it is where the gas pipe came in then this is the first time I've seen it enter a building this way.

Oh well.

Before I forget, we found a potential 'problem' we weren't expecting. I'll find out more about it tomorrow.

Till next time...

Larry ~


Kate H. said...

Oh, good, about the temperature dropping a little. It actually feels a little cold here in SW Pennsy, but maybe that's just me.

Well done on the progress. And of course you know that the tie-dye shirt drives away the loose-paint demons. Kind of like gargoyles.

Curious about the hole. What indicates it was for a gas line? Could it just as well be where the electricity came in? Just wondering. Conduit across the porch ceiling, regardless.

Larry said...

Hello Kate -

Well, we think the hole was for gas because the city didn't get electricity until a few years after the house was built and we know where it entered the house.

Also, about 2 feet from the hole, but on the ground, is where the gas service enters the house. We believe this was done in the 50s or the 60s.

So, the proximity of the new gas line and lack of electricity at the time is what makes us think this.

But then again we could be wrong!! :)

Kate H. said...

Ah, the little grey cells haz been at work an haz checking the evidence, mais oui, m'sieur!

How creative the former owners were. I would never have thought of running a gas line along a porch ceiling!

Larry said...

mai oui - perhaps a bit dangerous though.