Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Hello Everyone!

We've finally had a break in the weather and have even had some rain!!! In fact, it's raining right now - that's why I'm writing this post so early.

Monday found us tackling a job that has been dreaded since day one - the fishscales.

In order to scrape these we had to come up with some sort of scaffolding system. Ladder jacks came to mind so we decided to try them.

As you all know I hate ladders. Well, this system not only utilizes one ladder but three!!!

It's an easy enough scaffolding system to use but we sill ran into problems. The main issue was that when I stood on the ladder jack platform my nose was just a couple of inches from the house. This would not work - I need more room than this to work in. Also, the system, while stable, was just a little too 'iffy' for me.

So instead we are using the platform as a tool caddy and and using the main ladders as our work platforms.

Here's the whole set-up.

My father-n-law is on the left.

While setting up the ladder jacks we did notice that it's going to be a trick to get to the moulding along the roof edge up there. With this in mind we are going to have to figure something out in order to scrape, and paint, the very top safely. SWMBO's father suggested we just lay on the roof and hang over! Instead we are going to look at assembling some light scaffolding on the roof platforms.

As we scraped the fishscale more of the deep Emerald Green paint showed up.

We do intend to paint fishscale in two different colors, but Emerald Green isn't one of those.

While we're on the fishscale here's a picture of the typical repairs needed.

Fortunately there isn't a lot of fishscale missing. A major bonus for us, that will make this job easier, is that we found the original templates used to make them. This'll be covered in another post.

I'll leave you with the following pictures. SWMBO thought it would be interesting if I took some pictures from the top of the ladder, so here they are.

Till next time...

Larry ~

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