Tuesday, January 27, 2009

YES!!! Priming is done!!

Today I applied a second coat of primer to the ceiling as well as a couple other spots that needed to be touched up.

The best news is about the spots on the ceiling.

Before I show you the 'after' pictures I must tell you my latest "DOH!!" moment.

Gary. over at This Old Crack House, left a comment in regard to the spots.

Basically, he reminded me that spots/stains could be covered up by apply a coat of shellac over them. Like I said "DOH!!"

I know you can use shellac for this purpose, as well as to cover odors, especially on wood. For some reason though I just sort of blocked it out for this application. I guess it was one of those 'can't see the forest for the trees' moments.

I felt very sheepish after reading Gary's comment...

Thanks for knocking the noggin Gary!!

That said, let's have a look.

Here are the spots covered with a layer of shellac. I didn't have any clear on hand so I used Amber.

I also applied a couple coats of primer before re-priming the whole ceiling just to make sure the Amber color didn't bleed through.

Not bad if I say so myself.

Here is a little tip I'll pass on to you all.

Before you mix your paint, stain, or whatever, punch a few holes in the inner rim of the can.

This allows the spill-over to seep back into the can a little easier. To be honest though, it didn't work as well this time because the primer is extremely thick. This little trick does work though - pinky swear - it really does.

Once all the primer was dry I went ahead and removed the masking tape. This stuff was AWESOME!! I highly suggest it for any of your painting projects.

I wanted to show you the tape I used last night, but couldn't find the wrapper. I found it this afternoon and can now give you a link.

Here it is.

It's the Scotch 'Ready Mask Paint Tape' by 3M.

This stuff works GREAT!! It went on easily and came off easily. Normally I have a mess when masking things off. either I just don't get it on right, or not well enough, and have all sorts of paint seepage. This time there wasn't any!!!

In fact the only paint that got on exposed wood was my own fault and involved using the regular masking tape.

Here's the spot.

It won't take long to deal with. Not bad considering just how much exposed woodwork there was!

These next few pictures are just for fun.

While on the ladder (did I ever tell you all I have a phobia in regard to ladders?) priming the ceiling I just happened to look down and thought "this would make a good picture". So here they are.

The north west section of the business end of the kitchen. Awful small ain't it.

It's not as small as the one used over at the Smitten Kitchen, but it's not much bigger either.

The north east section.

The south west section.

Can you believe that green stuff use to be in the kitchen?!

I'll start work on the powder room next. This roomlet will have to be gutted.

And here is the built-in/temp tool storage.

Look to the bottom and you will see that the 'code inspector' is checking out my work again.

Hmmm...he looks grumpy...

Wounder what he found wrong? OY!

I know, I know, I said I'd have some staining done by the next post and there wasn't any. So I promise next time I will have some staining pics for you all.

Well, till next time...



Sandy said...

My kitchen is 8 ft x 6 1/2 ft... I feel your pain! No microwave (don't want one), and no dishwasher (don't need one)!

Sandy said...

p.s. Nice prime job! Just loving that inspector!! LOL