Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Oh I Wish I Was an Oscar Mayer..."

As figured...nothing got done on the kitchen yesterday.

After the birthday party we a lot of errands to run such as get lumber prices, looking at some router bits, etc.

However, the day had an interesting surprise - we got to see the Wienermobile!!

Isn't it grand!!

Who wouldn't want to take a spin in the Weinermobile?

It was a totally unexpected sighting so we didn't have the camera. We used the phone camera so the pics aren't the best.

Come on...admit want to jump in the driver's seat and take for a spin don't you!

There was a modest crowd for being so cold. The 'Hotdogger' were great and fun to talk to. We even got whistles after singing the the theme song.

One the best, unexpected, treats was getting to go inside.

It was a lot bigger inside than I expected. It reminded me of the inside of a corporate jet. Can't you just imagine a huge hotdog flying through the air?

The door in the back leads to storage.

This thing is really roomy inside.

It has an awesome stereo system, GPS, sunroof, cloud painted ceiling and comfy armchairs.

Can you imagine spending a year touring the country in one of these? Take a look at the Hotdogger Blog to see what it's like. Perhaps you have what it takes to be a 'Hotdogger'.

Well, till next time...



Jenni said...

I saw it at a hotel in Manhattan Beach, CA. I got up had breakfast was headed out for a meeting and there in the parking lot was the Oscar Mayer hotdog car.

I do not remember the meeting. Just the car.

Sandy said...

Of course, now I have that stupid song running through my head... LOL!!!

LOVED those seats!

St. Blogwen said...

Cheezdawgz. Ai lieks teh cheezdawgs.

Jessie said...

Thats cool that you saw the inside! I once saw the weinermobile in Portland, Maine, but I wasn't able to get as close as you did.