Tuesday, October 12, 2010

East Gable

Hello Everyone!

Well, we started work on the east gable Monday. Today we upped the ante and setup the first tier of the narrow scaffolding.

And here it is.

It really isn't that bad, I think I like it better than the big scaffolding.

My mind might be changed when we add the second tier though.

Another 'issue' that is becoming apparent are the wasps. We seem to have several of these buggers flying all around us. It appears that they have a nest somewhere up there but we cant find it. There are two, old nests at the apex of the gable but they are no longer being used.

This is how far we got as of 5:45 PM today. It was starting to get dark so the picture isn't that bright - sorry.

With that being said the downward sweep of the gable is finished, it's just hard to see in the fading light.

Here's one of the spots where the fishscale needs to be replaced. For some reason the squirrels really loved chewing on this section. Look close and you can even see where they chewed on the wide section of moulding (it's about 6" diagonally down from the paint).

For the most part I've already cleaned this section up and just need to replace the missing pieces.

Well, that's about it for tonight. Let's hope tomorrow goes well.

Till next time...


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