Monday, July 26, 2010

Still Here - Still Scraping

Hey Everyone -

Yup - we're still here, scraping away and melting.

The weather has been rather freakish and hot. Our highs have been in the triple digits and the heat index has been between 105 & 110.

That being said the heat has been making progress go as slow as a snail but we are moving along. If it weren't for the fine detail pieces we would be going a lot faster.

As you can see the paint is off the windows.

This has been an incredibly slow process. On average it take 4 hours to do one window if not longer.

We are also working on the porch posts and the porch's fascia parts.

I almost feel like we are wasting time, money, and effort on the porch posts. The ones that are on there now are going bye-bye hopefully this next spring. However, in order to hedge out bets in case we don't get to it we are going to make them look nicer. In order to do this a little more effort is needed - they're not in great condition.

We have also been noticing more areas where the fascia is kind of bowing. Replacing, and repositioning, the posts should help.

What we are dreading the most is all the bead-board on the fascia and ceiling!!! This is going to be a challenge.

This is a new toy we are trying out as an adaption to the PaintEater.

It's part of the 3M SandBlaster Angle Grinder Quick Loading system.

As the description states it's intended for an angle grinder. Turns out it won't fit my angle grinder without and additional 5/8-11-Inch Grinder Arbor Adapter, which I don't have.

So, it was either find someone who could drag my butt to the big city to find one or figure something else out.

Turns out the 3M SandBlaster Quick Loading system fits the PaintEater perfectly!

In the above picture you can see the 36-Grit Multi-Layer Disc #9678. This little doohickey works great! Not as good as the Paint Shaver but it gets the job done.

Before I forget, in order to use this sanding disk you also have to have the Quick Loading Adapter #9675. This is the part that attaches to the power tool and supports the sanding disks.

At this point you might be asking "why aren't you using the Paint Shaver?" Simple reason, the tool is too dangerous to use upside-down. I'm not able to safely use the Paint Eater in certain areas of the fascia.

Moving on...

Thought you'd get a kick out of seeing just how much paint came off the inside parts of the windows.

Actually, this isn't all of it but only about 75%.

Ending on a good note; the father-in-law and I went and bought the replacement cedar clapboard for the house.

Turns out there is only one lumberyard in the big city that even carries this stuff in stock!

So far we've only purchased 100' - that should be enough to get the upper sections above the porch done.

One last thing and I'll let you all go. Our Seamless Gutter contractor came out to look at the house today. I honestly thought he was going to balk and run. He kept asking about the height of the house and flat out said he would not be able to build guttering for the curved section of the roof. It wouldn't surprise me if he turns down the job.

Right now we are looking into either copper guttering or aluminum. The copper would look awesome, but the aluminum would be easier.

We'll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, till next time...

Larry ~

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